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How Self Storage Solutions Can Help Your Business Grow


All businesses, no matter the type, will end up with excess inventory at some point, even if most of their business is conducted online.

Offices usually have desks, chairs, filing cabinets and the like that they do not need but cannot afford to get rid of. Retail stores have holiday display systems they don’t use all the time, as well as shelving and racks.

Even restaurants may have equipment and furnishings that aren’t required to be used at the current time but cannot be sold. E-commerce businesses often need places to store their stock since they don’t have a typical brick and mortar store.

In most instances, all of those items end up being stored on your premises for lack of a better option. That means turning usable working spaces into storage holds which when you do the sums is probably an expensive use of your square meterage says self storage solutions provider LocknStore.

One of the ways that external storage can reduce office clutter and benefit your company is by using the freed up space in your premises productively. Thinking spatially about your premises and utilising every square centimetre productivity can be an invigorating experience.

Office rooms need not be turned into storage holders, essentially a place to stack extra chairs, and unused furniture, they can reverted into rooms for your workers, e.g. a breakout room for relaxation, and quiet time. Plus meeting rooms no longer need to double up as overflow rooms with old monitors and computers in stacked in the corner. Think more laterally about how your staff could benefit from the space while it’s in use as the meeting room.

Another way that self-storage can benefit your growing company is by providing you with a solution for holding documents. For most companies, the requirement to store hardcopy records for years at a time means dedicating entire rooms to nothing but document storage. This is especially true for medical offices where the proper maintenance of records is crucial. All of those records can just as easily be stored within an office storage facility, allowing you to make better use of your on-premises real estate.

You might benefit from using office storage in other ways, including overflow for old prototypes or products still supported by the business.

Even excess retail inventory can make use of external storage facilities. Many retail establishments like to stock up on product in preparation for the big holiday push at the end of the year, and storing it can be a challenge.

What to look for in a storage solution

How do you ensure that you’re choosing the right storage provider? It’s imperative that your office furniture, records, and excess inventory are secure and protected from moisture while in storage.

Security, temperature and pest control. Both thieves and pests can wreak havoc on your stored belongings. Moisture can wreak documents and goods, A self-storage company worth your time will provide around the clock security to prevent human threats and will also ensure your unit is weather tight. Plus they’ll regularly fumigate to safeguard your belongings from the ravages of insects and rodents.

You should also consider whether the provider can offer climate-controlled storage. This may not make a difference for some items, such as metal retail fixtures, but it can play a role in protecting physical records and any electronic media that you might need to store. It will also be crucial for the retailer that has perishable items or items that can be warped or melted in a high-heat environment.

If you find that you would benefit from office storage, get in touch with your local self-storage company to learn more about rates, available units and the storage options available. You should then be able to find the perfect space to protect your stored items, and find units in various sizes to fit your budgeting needs.