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7 Ways To Build A Business Off The Back Of A Travel Blog

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Are you one of those people who dream of being able to build a business and make your own money while blogging about your travels?

It’s an idyllic lifestyle, and why there are thousands upon thousands of travel blogs out there all competing with each other in the race to be the one who ‘makes it’ on the Internet and in the travel community.

To help you on your way, we’ve devised this list of 7 ways to build a business off the back of a travel blog, and we hope it brings you every success.  🙂

1. Establish your own unique brand

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of travel blogs out there, so yours needs to be unique.

If you’re changing careers and becoming a travel blogger, this is the perfect opportunity for you to use your experience and create something totally unlike anything from anyone else.

Establish your own brand by creating your own USP, your own writing style and website. Think of how to make your blog stick in the minds of the audience.

2. Make use of social media from the beginning

Social media is one of the best ways to generate traffic and keep loyal readers.

Create social media pages for your travel blog, and you’ll begin to get attention. Attention – and by that, we mean many followers – attracts people who want to pay you to blog.

3. Ensure you produce solid and frequent content

One way to make money travel blogging is to make your blog consistent. Ensure you’re regularly publishing on there and producing content frequently, or you will lose traffic quickly.

While it may be difficult to keep up with transitioning from a career to set up a travel blog, you must put in this groundwork to make the blog successful.

4. Make your content unique

As well as ensuring your brand is unique to increase business opportunities, your content should be unique.

Try to write about places off the beaten track, make it an outdoor blog, or discuss subjects rarely discussed on travel blogs.

One way to make your content unique is by thinking of useful things to write about.

There is so much rubbish generated out there that it is useful to hardly anyone. Think of good lists to write and helpful ‘how to’ posts.

Remember that visual content is just as important as your written content.

Due to their visual nature, content such as photos and videos go a long in attracting the attention or following that you’re after. They break up large pieces of text and give your readers a chance to marvel at your enviable work lifestyle.

Don’t fall into the trap of becoming self-obsessed on your blog, though. Then nobody will enjoy it.

5. Place your own ads

Placing your own ads is one of the easiest ways to make money from travel blogging. You can get your name across a whole bunch of other sites and generate click revenue from it.

If you want people to advertise on your blog, there is one key thing to note about this, arrange your own blog hosting so you’re in control of it and what you want to do with your site.

If you are hosted by free versions of WordPress and the like, you can only advertise on their terms, and it doesn’t tend to actually create much decent income for you.

6. Sell your photos online

A great way to make money as a travel blogger is by selling your photos online.

Sure, you might not actually be a travel photographer, but sometimes sunsets just arrive perfectly, and you get a shot worth a million dollars. Well, maybe not a million, but you know where we’re going with this.

Selling your photos online makes for great monetary opportunities. Blogs look so much more professional with fantastic photos, so see who and what is out there waiting for your imagery.

7. Allow guest posting to get some free publicity

Last but not least, guest posting on sites is one brilliant way of getting some free publicity.

There are thousands upon thousands of writers out there who are dying for their writing to be published. Let them submit posts to you, and you will be spreading the word about your own blog in the process.

Every guest poster will share their article on their own social media and link it on their portfolios, so make sure you grab the opportunity with both hands and let the writers do some extra promotion for your blog too.

It’s a great way to make money, too, as guest posters show businesses how big your audience is and how good you are at maintaining relations between individuals.

Good luck. We hope you do a successful business out of your travel blog!

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