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6 Best Assessment Tools for Hiring

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You may already know the importance of the first impression the resume makes on the HR executive handling recruitments. Beyond the cover letters, when employers look to hire potential candidates, they assess the profiles based on 3 main factors — the skill-set, psychometric analysis, and behavioural analysis.

General staffing agency, Randstad says: Employers initially filter the applications they receive from recruitment providers with assessment tools. Even if you are a job seeker, you need to know how your emotional intelligence, personality, and leadership capabilities are determined.

Here are the 6 best assessment tools used by many employers to gauge your fitment:


Wonscore is a pre-hire assessment tool from Wonderlic. The candidates are tested for their motivation, personality, and cognitive abilities. These three scores are combinedly graded as ‘Wonscore’. Popularly used to test the skills of National Football League (NFL) quarterbacks, it can be adapted to various job-specific tests. You can make use of this tool to test decision-making skills and grasping the power of the applicants.

Interview Mocha

Companies like Nielsen and Sephora use Interview Mocha. This online assessment software offers more than 1000 free templates. Candidate ranking tools and advanced simulations are available to get a quantifiable result of the candidate’s aptitude, skills, and job readiness. Any temporary staffing agency dealing with recruitments of multiple industries can make use of the free trial period for initial screening.


Codility can be used to streamline online technical interviews and recruit competent programmers. This tech recruiting platform accelerates the hiring process by automating sourcing. Priced at $159/month for 15 assessments, it offers a 7-day free trial period and with an upgrade, you have access to custom tests. Connect with the top-ranked talents using CodeLive, the built-in applicant tracking system.


HireSelect from Criteria Corp is a testing platform which offers tests designed by Harvard psychologists. Though it doesn’t offer a free trial subscription, you can customise the tests. It can be integrated with Smart Recruiters, ADP, and BambooHR among others. This interactive tool is especially useful in candidate comparison of aptitude, personality, and skills.


Technical staff assessment tool TestDome allows you to customize your own numerical tests, verbal reasoning exercises, or programming templates for any coding technology. Available at varying price ranges from $100-$2400 per month, this is used to test the candidate’s programming skills. The correctness of the code, candidate’s speed of execution, and memory ability are assessed.


Hundred5 is the best pre-employment assessment tool for a temporary staffing agency as it provides simple skills tests which can be finished in 10 minutes. Scores are automatically calculated, and you can view the performance statistics in the dashboard. Hundred5 is the best tool that acts as an initial filter to select high-quality passive candidates. Instead of going through the resumes by keyword search, this shortlists them by their skills and knowledge. It is priced at $190 per month but creating tests and posting a job is free.

Which Tool Should You Use?

Requirements of a company differ from that of a screening process of another. To find the best performers, you can make use of these assessment tools depending on your needs. Or you can invest in some time and research other tools available that may fit your criteria.

Irrespective of which position you are hiring for, it is better to combine two or more tools together for a better result.