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2 Effective Ways to Get Popular Sites to Post Backlinks to Your Page

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The algorithm that search engines use to determine a page’s relevance is a complicated one. It considers a lot of factors, and the number of relevance votes that a page has is undoubtedly one of them.

Relevance votes, as we refer to them here, are basically the number of pages that link back to your website. These pages are either citing you in their texts or taking their readers to you because you offer something that they don’t.

If you want to get noticed fast, then you need to intensify your link building efforts. We outline here two ways that can surely help your site get the links that it deserves.

Write an article that is newsworthy

If you search online, you will most likely see a wide array of articles from many websites that basically talk about the same topic. If you want to stand out, you will really have to take a different route. Talk about a relevant but distinct topic that nobody else is even alluding to. For example, if the articles that you see only talk about why one should do something, write about the reasons one should not.

You can also play with statistics and figures. A data set is one thing that you can package differently, depending on your goal. If the articles that are already published, analyze the data in one specific way, go a bit deeper and digest the data using another perspective. Use different statistical methods if necessary.

This way, your article will come out as one that effectively reads between the lines. The surprising usually just sits beside the obvious. You sometimes just need due diligence to uncover it.

Don’t be afraid to talk to webmasters and bloggers about your content.

If your article is really a well-written one that offers unique content, other websites will surely come across it. When they do, chances are high that they will cite portions of it in their own texts. However, merely waiting for them to discover your work is going to be time-consuming.

What you can do to get results faster is to actually contact the administrators of the sites that you are targeting. You can easily get their details in their Contact Us sections. Doing this allows your potential partners to further examine your work and validate the claims made there.

You will also be able to get to know their priorities and general attitude. This interaction builds trust and a much more stable correspondence between the two of you. When in the future, you come up with another exciting content again, contacting them will then be a bit easier.

Link building is indeed a significant part of search engine optimization in particular and online marketing in general. It effectively delivers the relevance votes that you need.

Aside from that, there are a lot of other strategies that you can apply to improve your online presence.