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How To Improve The Reception Area

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Humans, by nature, are impatient! We hate waiting in line. Even in reception rooms, we start being irritable when we spend more than a few minutes waiting for either the receptionist to act or the person we’re visiting shows up.

That being said, there are obvious areas for innovation in how we manage receptions and in the rest of this post, we will tackle some of the practical ways to minimize the time that visitors have to spend in the lobby.

Use a Visitor Management App

Perhaps, the best thing that can be done by any business or commercial building operator is to take advantage of an innovative sign in app.  There are a few and one is Greetly which is renown for it’s efficiency in streamlining the visitor process.

With a reception App (application) there’s the opportunity to reduce operating costs by removing the human element i.e. there is no more need to have a receptionist to receive the visitors, and manage the login process.

Self Service

Visitors do their own sign-in and also alert the business or person they’ve arrived.  In many ways the sign in process is more robust and error proof.  Using a tablet or montor the visitor inputs their personal information and depending on the sophistication of the App.  It could capture their photograph and a digital signature.

A visitor badge for identification can also be spat out (printed) and recorded in the database. This hands-on approach is actually more welcoming to the visitor as they’re in control and know exactly when they’re being processed and when the person they’re meeting has been alerted to their arrival.

Arguably the self-service action will take significantly less time compared to the manual check-in process and if visitors feel they need the ‘personal touch’ there are ways to add that in.   For example use of emojis or emoticons like a smiley face on the screen and also a computerised voice to walk you through the sign in process plus wish you a good day!

One of the major pros for the self service model is visitors will appreciate the speed of service and they’ll welcome less interaction with other visitors waiting in the lobby.  There’s nothing more annoying that believing you’ve been ursuped in the queue.  Humans love fairness and they need to need there are no queue jumpers.   If the reception is busy, other visitors can push infront and with a sign in App this is completely eradicated and so too the feeling of losing out.

Make the Experience Enjoyable

More innovation will see better use of reception areas including how they can entertain visitors.  Use of screens for news and updates are prevalent and technology will get smarter with more personalisation and don’t be surprised if halograms are in use already in a reception area near you.