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Here’s A Tasty Recipe For A Restaurant Success

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In America, there are currently over 660,000 restaurants on high streets and in shopping malls. However, don’t assume that all these restaurants are great success stories. If Gordon Ramsay’s latest show teaches us anything it’s that a lot of America’s restaurants are struggling and are in dire need of help. However, we think that issues could have been avoided if these owners took the right steps at the beginning. You might be at this point yourself right now, ready to start down this career path. If so, then, you need this advice.

We’ll show you the ingredients you need for success in the restaurant industry.

Get Technical

First, do make sure that you understand the importance of technology in the modern business world. Yes, we know it seems like tech has nothing to do with good food but it has a lot to do with good service. The basic lesson to learn here is that your restaurant needs to be as open and accessible to customers as possible. That just means you need to make sure that your customers can order how they want, where they want and find the information that they need about your business.

It’s never a bad idea to invest in the setup of an app. This can provide a fun, vibrant way for customers to find the information they need about your service. You can include the menus, games for kids or families. You can have fun with this concept if you invest in the skills of a pro developer and we recommend you do.

However, failing this at least make sure that your social media and website game is on point. You have to recognise just how aesthetically pleasing food can be. There’s a reason people spend time posting images of dishes they’ve enjoyed. It’s because it looks great on social profiles like Instagram and Pinterest. Restaurants can definitely benefit from this concept.

As for your website, you need to make sure that it feels and looks fantastic. Moving animations and images will make your website look dynamic and have a fantastic impact.

Cover Your Business From Financial Issues

Any business can run into financial trouble on the market. This can be due to legal issues. For instance, let’s say that someone received food poisoning at your restaurant. If they can prove this then they have every right to sue you, and they’ll probably win which isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s sadly true.

Alternatively, you might find that there’s a fire in your kitchen which severely damages your restaurant. This could cost you a fortune in damages, and that will result in a hefty bill that you might not be able to afford. You can see the issues now but what are the solutions?

Well, first make sure that you have the necessary insurance to protect yourself and your company. It’s important that you do think about the insurance you’re legally obligated to have and the insurance that could just be a wise decision. When you’re looking at insurance for a restaurant, there are a variety of possibilities and options to consider. Just make sure that you do look at all the facts and type of coverage on offer. What does your policy apply to and what is left out?

As well, as this, do make sure that you are keeping health and safety standards high in your business. It’s easy to fall behind here and cut corners, but you shouldn’t do this. For instance, do make sure that you have the appropriate methods and setup for food storage. Issues here will result in an increased chance of food poisoning which is arguably one of the greatest threats when running a restaurant.

As well as appointing a health and safety team it might be worth hiring a lawyer. They can provide you with the support and advice you need to avoid some of the most serious issues. Be aware some customers will try and get money from you. A lawyer can provide you with protection from this issue and make sure that you are not taken to the cleaners when you did nothing wrong.

Open Big Or Don’t Open

Ask any restaurant owner, and they will tell you the first week or even the first night is the most important time. Ultimately, you need to make sure that you build a buzz around your business and that people notice it’s opening. Now, there’s good news here because customers actually love checking out a new restaurant so as long as you are ready to impress, you can get loyal customers straight out the gate.

But, you also need to think about getting the press and media on your side. Contact them, get in touch and make sure you let them know that your restaurant is opening. Local journalists are always looking for stories, and while this might seem like a minor event depending on the size of the newspaper it could get its own main page! You don’t need a PR agent to do this, you just need to be polite and make the calls. That’s really all it takes.

Social media will be your friend here too. Just make sure that you are using your social media profiles to build up interest and boost support for your business. Do this, and you should see a great level of demand starting on your opening night.

Find That USP

Finally, you probably will be opening in an area where there are already plenty of places to dine. It’s makes sense to target an area where there is a large population of hungry consumers. This means you need a USP, something that makes your business and your restaurant totally unique and exciting. This could be anything. For instance, you might cook the food in front of the customers, or perhaps they get to use a buffet system before they get their main meals. It’s up to you to find the hook and push it to show you’re offering customers something, bigger, better and most importantly, different.