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Do Dental And Medical Practices Need An SEO Focus?


No matter what the sector your business is in or indeed what your business offers, be it online or offline products or services, targeted marketing and advertising campaigns and a focus on SEO should be a priority.

Capturing the attention and eyeballs of all generations particularly the millennials is the overriding focus of all businesses therefore Practices like Dental and Medical are no exception.

Marketing and SEO

Marketing and SEO campaigns work together and even startup dental and medical practices can compete effectively with the more established operators.

A big budget helps but a lot can be done to attract the right audience without it. For example, if you are looking for local prospective customers, there is a way to use Google and other search engines to have you appear near the top of key word search results in your region, but this is just one of many strategies.

Solution21, website design and digital marketing company for dental and medical practices offers this advice:

The niche sector of dental and medical practices need to use the fundamental SEO strategies all business sectors use and the starting point is to work out if you’re focusing on a global or local SEO strategy to appear high in search results.

Customise your practice’s website to appeal to your specific specialty and then work to market it online globally or areas in your region if your focus is local.

When someone searches for a Dentist or Doctor you need your website to appear in higher than your competition in search results and when visitors visit your website it should present exactly what your targeted audience is looking for so you’ll need to get this bedded down first and that can be done by working on it’s content.

Highly Relevant Website Content

When people visit your website, they want to see content that is relevant to them. If your site merely contains contact information and a bunch of needless information, visitors will likely click off as soon as they arrive.

The search engines track this result. They can tell the difference between a website that is actually relevant to the consumer and one that is not, the time spent on the site is a great indicator of relevance to the visitor. This is why you need to develop content for your site that contains keywords and relevant information pertaining to your service.

Content is about much more than just stuffing a bunch of words on your home page in hopes that they will get noticed. While this might have worked in the early days of SEO, it simply will not make the grade today.

You will want to have content that is regularly updated and geared specifically to your target audience. This will keep you fresh in the eyes of Google and will translate into a steadier stream of prospects coming your way. Commit to adding content to a blog.


On your website blog include knowledge sharing and educational content. Use videos, and patient testimonials.

Don’t be afraid to link to other websites, particularly reference sites, that are relevant and provide supporting evidence of the point you’re sharing in your blog articles and posts. WordPress is the most common blog software and there are lots of really effective SEO plugins that just can not be ignored. It’s also really easy to use so your Practice staff can learn how to add articles to the blog.

Authenticity is the overriding focus of all the content on your blog. Post new content regularly and share it with your social media followers to bring visitors to your blog and thus your website on a regular basis to grow your website traffic.

Using Social Media

Your social media presence also speaks to your overall SEO strategy. It is important to have a presence across social media, as this is an effective marketing strategy to bring new people to your website. It is also how search engines will pick up on your content, so do not discount its importance.

Share your blog articles and post, you’ll want to make sure that your social media content, so you maximize your exposure. As you are shared amongst social media users, your prospect list will increase profiles are active and that you’re updating them with fresh content.

Feed the hungry beasts that are social media networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Traffic to your website is essentially the goal will help refine your SEO effectiveness.

Keep your content fresh and relevant so that it can be shared openly with others interested in the best dentist or doctor practice in your area. If you do this, people will find you and they will end up at your website.

Following these strategies will attract your targeted audience and keep your practice competitive.

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