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Bring the Wow Factor! 6 Tips for More Effective Print Ads

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Competition in today’s economy is fierce.

Although consumer confidence and spending are up, about 500,000 small businesses are opening their doors every month to grab their piece of the market. That reality has made it difficult for new and established companies alike to get the attention of customers.

While digital marketing is often the go-to method people today use to cut through the clutter, to really stand out, an increasing amount of companies are switching their focus to print ads.

Print ads are physical advertisements for your business that appear in magazines, newspapers, on billboards and more.

To get started creating wildly eye-catching ads today, here are 6 must-read tips!

1. Keep It Simple

At the core of all print advertisements should be a singular, simple message. Say too much in a print ad and immediately a consumer will decide to not read anything you’re saying at all.

And don’t worry if your ad has a lot of empty space. All that does is help pull the focus to the areas of your ad that have information.

2. Clarity over Creativity

We get it, you and/or your design team live for being creative and clever. While that disposition can be helpful in some senses, with print media, we think it can hurt more than it can help.

Remember, your print advertisements have a goal, what are they?

Be sure to prioritize your ad fulfilling its purpose over it being cute and clever.

3. Use Eye-Catching Imagery When Appropriate

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Given that we advise people to be concise with print ads, using the right image to convey a message could be the perfect way to instill an idea in onlookers without overwhelming.

There’s no one size fits all answer to what image to use in your ad. Maybe it’s product photography, maybe it’s something more symbolic.

Just make sure your choice makes sense and gets the point across.

4. Focus on a Problem

What’s your customer’s main pain point? If you don’t know, you’re losing money.

Focusing your print advertising messages around your customer’s main gripe will increase the number of conversions it leads to exponentially.

5. Make it Legible

Understand where your print advertisements are going and make sure that people can consume them from the areas they’re most likely to see your ad from.

For example, cramming paragraphs of text on a billboard is a bad idea. Nobody that’s driving by will have the opportunity to read that message.

Know your medium and make sure your message is built to be consumed through it.

6. Make Taking Action Easy

At the end of the day, a print ad’s job is to get people to engage with you on a deeper level. Whether you want them to call you or click onto your site, make sure that your call to action is clear and easy to follow through on.

Wrapping Up Tips for Highly Effective Print Ads

Print Ads are an excellent marketing medium that can set you apart from solely digitally-focused competitors. To get started making stunning print advertisements today, follow our tips above!

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