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Blog Like Million Dollar Blogger Matthew Woodward

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Marketers and bloggers following the practices of successful bloggers like Matthew Woodward, is a no brainer. Blogging has been around for years so there’s no point reinventing the wheel so to speak, when you can avoid the errors and learn from the mistakes made by those who have come before you.

USPs of a Blog

On Matthew’s blog he expresses his views, shares his experiences and learnings, as well as educates other people and fundamentally this is what blogging is all about.

What your business offers or even the genre of the blog are not so relevant the same fundamentals or USPs (unique selling points) of a blog remain the same.

So, now you know the USPs of a blog, it’s time to focus on how to create content that can wow millions of visitors. Matthew’s own blog gets thousands of visitors daily and with that knowledge, comes the responsibility to make sure what goes on it, is high quality and is relevant.

Mix it up with interactive content

Use interactive content types to mix it up and get greater interaction from your audience.

There are many different types of content that can create a higher level of interaction. A customised game for example will not only be fun, it will also create a memorable experience and encourage your audience to share it. A quiz is another type of interactive content and also a poll. All can be layered on top of other content. E.g. the quiz or poll can be layered on top of a video or part of your usual blog article. The same applies to a poll.

Seek feedback

Running a poll at the end of your articles, so your audience can rate it, is not only adding value to the experience it will provide you with the feedback needed to work out what content to write and share next.

Understanding your audience and their interests is also a vital part of measurement. The more you seek to understand the greater the conversion (click through to read your content) and more often your audience will share it with their followers who in turn will click through to read and share and so the wheels turn and your success as a blogger grows.

Be brave and get started

Success breeds success and with it gives you a huge boost in confidence. The toughest part to blogging is getting started. So while your first few articles may be less adventurous, just a few reads will inspire you and it won’t be long before your groove and style is fully developed and shining through in your follow up blog posts.

Attracting the right audience is key so focus on what you know and love to share. It’s a big world with billions of people, millions with the same interests so focus on how the articles are written so their not only informative but clearly understood. Use the language of a ten year old and keep your sentences succinct.

So what are the USPs of blogs again? You got it – with your blog, always aim to educate, entertain, share experiences, knowledge and of course your views.