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5 reasons why VPS is the best solution for a growing website

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It couldn’t be more joyful than watching your website grow that you launched a few months back. Once it is on the run and starts attracting thousands of visitors a day, you expand and upgrade it from getting stale and stagnant.

You realize that your shared hosting isn’t enough to suffice the growing requirement. The moment of realization tends you to lean towards the VPS hosting. There are several hosting companies that provide VPS hosting to their clients and Hostinger is one among them.

Follow the link if you want to learn more about a VPS service. In short, a VPS is one of the many virtual servers connected to a single physical server. It is just like renting a little piece of the one large physical server.

VPS holds a great significance in supporting a growing website. From enhanced search engine ranking to maintaining the heavy traffic, a VPS service is the best way to support a growing business. Here are the top 5 reasons to opt for a VPS service.

1. Cost-effectiveness

As a growing business, you need to make sure that your capital stays unharmed. VPS is a perfect midway between a shared hosting and the dedicated one. It is applicable with regards to both capacity and expenses.

If you are having an e-commerce website that deals with huge traffic every day, but your budget is comparatively low, VPS can be your best choice. The cost-effectiveness that comes with the VPS hosting also enables you to have better security.

Although you are responsible for a few of the troubleshooting tasks because you are managing your own security, if you opt for an outsource management, it leaves this worry behind. There are several hosting companies that keep you from managing the security aspect.

Also, the root access connectivity to your private virtual server allows you to configure and install any program. The cost-effective aspect of this service allows your business to sustain hosting requirements at a lower price as compared to a costly dedicated hosting service.

2. The robust server that does not go down

However, a VPS is hosted on a physical server, it is virtual in nature in reality. In simple words, it has no physical constituents of its own and therefore, barely gets down. For instance, if the physical server it is hosted on faces some discrepancy, your VPS gets rebooted to another server.

VPS is known to create a backup image of the server. Thus, it has the tendency to be rebooted on another server if something goes wrong with the physical server it once connected to. That being said, your applications and programs stay online 24X7.

A private virtual server hosted on a physical server is a part of the multiple virtual servers, each utilizing a specific bandwidth and disk space. These virtual servers are widely used by business owners that are looking for an inexpensive customizable hosting platform to fulfill their needs.

Depending upon the scale of your website, you can choose to go with any affordable VPS hosting package. Also, as mentioned above, due to the virtual aspect of the VPS service, it keeps your application running round the clock.

3. Top-notch security

VPS is considerably a more secure hosting platform as compared to the shared hosting. Hence, enhancing the confidence of the growing businesses by providing them the cheaper in cost hosting solutions.

Businesses around the world can totally rely on this hosting service as it barely gets hacked and less likely to get infected. The key reason for that matter is, it acts as a single entity (server) and thus, keeps your database completely separate from other users.

Just in case if your neighbor user gets infected by a malware, you stay utterly unaffected. It is impossible for a malicious element to infect your VPS due to its virtual nature. Likewise, an attacker cannot use a back-door from one client to another in order to mess with a hosting system.

As a well-managed service, your hosting provider also provides you with a wide range of options, including patching and OS updates, firewalls, remote backups, and intrusion monitoring. In a layman term – it is hard to beat a VPS.

4. Easy upgrade

This is one of the best features of a VPS that you as a business owner can be benefited with. You can easily upgrade your package from a smaller one to a bigger as your business grows. There is a wide array of hosting packages to select from.

Some packages offer more processing power for the better sustainability of the critical applications you run on the consistent basis. A few of them offer an enormous size of the storage capacity to manage your large database.

Also, some of the hosting companies provide more memory in their VPS packages for better load-time of your website on your client’s computer. Apart from that, you can always downsize your existing package if you think you have opted for a bigger package than required.

5. Compatibility with all applications

VPS offers you a complete control over your essential applications. Since it is altogether an independent service and has barely in coherence with the physical server – it allows you to run applications seamlessly.

A VPS connecting with a physical server has its separate operating system. Therefore, it enables you to have full freedom over using your applications in any way you want. However, make sure the application you are using must be congenial with your operating system.

Speaking of which, you can use any operating system you desire. Whether you want to execute your strategies on windows or the Linux platform – it’s a piece of cake for a VPS. It also allows you to configure the server as per your website’s requirement.


VPS emerges as a boon for the growing websites and promises higher performance at the most affordable costs. You get all the perks that a dedicated server can offer you and you can upgrade your package at any given time. If you have a growing website and have restricted capital, must go for the VPS hosting solution.

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