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Upskill with a Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence

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Choosing to upskill and add weight to your resume is always a sensible idea, and if you’d like to upgrade your CV with a heavy vehicle drivers licence it is important to attend a first-class training course. If you’re interested in trucking and you know what licence you are after, the next step is to enrol on a course.

Here are some key questions to ask a training facility before you pay for their services.

Where will I learn to drive?

This seems like an obvious question to ask, but most customers overlook this inquiry and forget to ask about the driving schools facilities. If you’d like to find out about a company’s training facility, you can check do this in three different ways.

  • Browse through the organisations website or speak to a company representative about their course amenities.
  • Go online and check out the area using Google street maps.
  • Visit the driving school in person and see for yourself what they have to offer.

If you really what to know about their facility, it is advisable to go with option 3. The moment you visit their training and assessment centre you’ll know what type of amenities they possess, if you can’t find a specific training tool, question their employees about it.

What type of vehicle will I be training in?

Some companies who run heavy vehicle driving courses don’t have the resources to provide their students with numerous heavy vehicles, some tend to use modified heavy rigids for more than one purpose.

As a student, you’ll want to drive the same type of vehicle you’ll encounter on the job, that’s why it is important to choose a driving course which offers this service. There is no need to worry when driving a heavy vehicle as all trucks are fitted with dual controls, so your instructor can assist you with driving when needed.

Who will be my driving instructor?

When learning to drive, you’ll obviously want a successful driving instructor who can provide for your every need. So, it is important to make enquiries about your teacher. The company you choose should provide an instructor who has industry experience in the specific licence you are aiming to acquire, they don’t necessarily need to have years of experience driving heavy vehicles as long as they understand industry requirements.

What is the learning environment like?

Your learning environment should be similar to what you’ll face while on the road, there is no point in learning to drive heavy vehicles in a quiet industrial setting. As a truck or bus driver, you’ll encounter several obstacles and traffic while on the job, so you must be adequately prepared to face similar scenarios during training.

Enrolling on a heavy vehicle training course and having a recognised qualification on completion is an excellent way of boosting your CV. If you are interested in learning how to drive heavy vehicles, you must choose a reputable school. Remember to ask as many questions as possible to gather essential information for your selection process.

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