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Tips To Boost Your Visual Marketing

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Today it’s visual marketing that is massively winning over customers. The rise of TikTok, for example, exists for sharing short, visually exciting videos.

Businesses realize they need to do more than just grab stock photos that haven’t been personalized in their visual advertising. Standing out from the crowd is exactly what your business needs to achieve to create a conversation about your products or services.

Visual marketing is therefore a strategy worth perfecting. Just think how many customers discover businesses by scrolling through their social media feeds. Images with the wow factor get attention. So, here are a few quick tips to boost your visual marketing campaigns.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Low-quality, pixelated images are an instant turn-off for customers as they make your business look unprofessional. Your images should be in-focus, crisp, and have a good resolution. Whether you use stock pictures or a professional photographer, quality should always be a primary concern. Even people who don’t know anything about photography know a good from a bad image.

Powerful Images to Stand Alone without Text

When your images are self-explanatory, your audience understands their meaning without you needing to add text. Of course, the copy should be there to ensure no confusion about the message you are sending. However, make sure to use fewer words so the images work their magic in grabbing customers’.

Picture People You Want to Reach

The best adverts are a snapshot of what life could be like using your product or service.

Optimize Your Images for Search

Images need to be optimized for search, so they pull more visitors to your site. How do you optimize images for SEO?

Content Marketing Institute has a 10-step process to ensure your images work hard for your site ranking. Some of the steps include:

  • Sizing images
  • Using the right format e.g. jpeg, png
  • Choosing the right file name
  • Adding an Alt tag

There are more steps, including compressing the size of the files for page speed and making sure the images are mobile-friendly.

Your Images Should Always Have a Purpose

Even if you are using a stock photograph, it must have a clear sense of purpose. This is when you need to think about how you will use image editing services to improve them or how you will make the message shine through with some clever copy. If you just plonk a generic image onto a webpage with no context, you are only likely to confuse people about what effect you are trying to create.

Basic Edits Can Make a Big Difference

Sometimes, you have a good image that could become a great one with a few tweaks. Of course, suppose you already have a professional designer working for your organization. In that case, they will already know all the basic editing tricks, but it is worth picking up some basics yourself, including cropping, adding text and filters, and adjusting the color scheme. As an alternative, you can try bringing together multiple photos or do retouching on analog film; utilizing a professional retouching service can help save you time and money while still achieving your desired look.

Use Other Visual Assets

You don’t only have to stick to photographs – there are other visual tools at your disposal as well. Just a few of these include charts, graphs, and illustrations. Infographics have also become particularly popular in recent years, and they are a great way of displaying a lot of information in a single easy-to-digest image.

Evoke Emotions Where Possible

Since human beings are highly emotional creatures, it makes sense that your images should aim to evoke feelings in your customers. If people feel some sort of emotional connection towards a brand, they are much more likely to become loyal to it. So, you need to make sure that you are choosing your images carefully every time and that they are adding to the brand ‘voice’ that you are creating.

Get Customers to Snap Their Own Photos

Another way that imagery can play a significant role in boosting your business is by appealing to customers to take some of their own pictures and share them over social media platforms. Obviously, if you run a product business, this will work best, but it is a technique that can be used if you ask people to take photos of a specific theme. You can then sift through the pictures to decide which ones you would like to use on a broader basis.

Use Striking Imagery Full of Colour

Colorful images have an immediate way of appealing to your senses. Try to keep the pictures you choose as bright and vivid as possible, as this helps to excite the eye and keeps it moving. Of course, if you use a dulled-down image, you should have a specific purpose in mind for why you choose to do this.

Visual marketing is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of your business, and it is one which you should aim to use effectively. Follow these tips and give yourself a good chance of capturing your customers’ attention. Whenever you use an image anywhere – whether on your website, marketing materials, or your social media feed – you should think carefully about what effect you aim to create. Above all, you should always ensure that you are using high-quality imagery that looks great time after time.

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