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The 3 P’s Of Great Customer Service

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Customer service is an essential functioning of business life.

Without it, the business exchange could be sullied. We’ve all had experiences where customer service was directly lacking, meaning that the retention of our investments was absolutely dissuaded, and perhaps a complaint was made to rectify an issue with potentially inner disciplinary measures.

The three P’s of excellent service is essential to follow, no matter if you’re an incredibly humble business or perhaps the largest operation in your industry.

This impressive list can help you train those in your charge, and potentially help you generate more goodwill from your client base:

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Your customer representative needs to act in a cordial and polite manner at all times. This not only helps you connect with the customer but allows for a pleasant exchange to happen from the offset.

There is a likelihood that a customer may be calling with annoyance about the product or service they have received. Hiring staff with a degree of emotional intelligence to calm the aggressions of those on the phone, as well as staying respectful to help fina a solution immediately.

Remember that while you should always expect your staff to behave in a polite manner, they should never be abused over the phone, or have to place the customer over a personal exchange from both sides.

They should have the freedom to hang up the call if a customer is aggressive, belligerent or will not accept the viable help your staff have to offer.


Your company should always be present to reach, at least within reasonable office hours. Remember that many may not have the chance to call your office or support service during the 9-5 hours, as they will be working themselves.

This means perhaps opening your phone lines at 8am and suspending them at 7-9pm may be appropriate. With the use of 1300 smart numbers, you can set up your helpdesk with excellent mobility, allowing a greater degree of presence and reach when it comes to settling these potential support requests.


Your support staff should always be prepared for each call as a new scenario and should try to follow the logic of someone calling to explain the errors or difficulties they are facing. Allow your staff greater utility in how they are able to provide a solution.

Allow your staff to apologize and admit fault for a product, and send a replacement and delivery instructions. Follow procedure when it comes to verifying the account holder, or perhaps doing so despite the account holder misremembering or losing their vital information.

A script to follow can serve as a good guideline, but allowing creative solutions for your staff can help them think of solutions, and as such, develop a more extraordinary idea of how to satisfy the situation.

With these three P’s of customer service, you are sure to handle many support requests with style.