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Relocating a Business in Melbourne

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Anyone who has ever moved house knows what a horrible experience it can be, with so many little things to pack that are so time consuming, and the nightmare has only just really begun, when you get to the new house and have to try to find everything when you unpack. At least with a house you have the luxury of being able to do it gradually, over a period of time, while you settle in. If you thought that was bad, now think about the logistics of moving a business, for whom every minute not open for business is costing money, and you will realise that moving house was like a leisurely stroll through Alexandra Gardens in comparison. You do not have several weeks to get things ship shape, which means you are going to need careful planning and a totally professional approach, or things are likely to go very poorly.

Planning the Move

There are numerous reasons why a company is moving. They may be expanding, downsizing, looking for a more desirable location, or it could simply be that the lease is up and can’t be renewed. Before you even start packing stuff at the old address, it is important that the new premises is properly measured and a detailed plan drawn up for who and what is going where. If you roll in and decide to put a bunch of people over here and another group over there, you can expect disharmony, and quite probably a complete and utter disaster. Remember, there is a lot of stuff in the office that needs a new home, like the copiers which need to be located close to where people are working, all the way down to the tea and coffee area and the cold water machine, so you need to itemise everything and have a plan for where it will all go.

The Move

As any office movers in Melbourne can tell you, this needs to be choreographed like a ballet, especially if you are making the move within a restricted amount of time, in order to open for business again promptly. You are really down to two basic options on how the move takes place. The first option, trying to save some money, is to rent some trucks and drag your staff in to do the move yourselves. This option is full of dangers, as aside from the fact that it will likely be an uncoordinated affair, which will leave stuff God knows where, you also run the risk of staff, who do not know the correct methods of lifting heavy things, injure themselves, leaving you open to a compensation claim. The preferred option for most will be to bring in the professionals, who will allocate whatever resources are necessary to have you moved out, moved in, and ready for business within the prescribed time. Your staff simply pack up their things and leave the premises, able to commence work as soon as they walk through the doors of the new building.

All things considered, including the happiness and wellbeing of your staff, not to mention the impact on your business if it is unable to open, the DIY approach to an office relocation, is really not a particularly wise move.

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