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Recycling and Waste Management at Company Headquarters


When it comes to recycling and waste management at a corporate level, you have to have a plan. Especially if you have a larger office or many employees, or if you have a product or service that requires lots of material that comes and goes, recycling and waste management are going to be priorities on a daily basis.

And there are many different phases of control. Maybe you need a large bin for project. It could be that you want to set up office recycling to keep things under control. Perhaps you want to go minimal to produce the least amount of waste as possible. And, if your company is eco-friendly, you probably want to buy recycled materials in the first place.

Large Bin Needs

What happens when you have to get rid of a lot of waste quickly? That’s usually when you contact a waste management service to find out how large of a been they can bring to your corporate property. If you’re building onto your headquarters, it might be that you have a lot of extra construction material you have to get rid of. Or, if you just completed a big project, there may be waste from some of the prototypes that you’ve built.

Setting Up Office Recycling

If you’re concerned with waste management, maybe you want to set up office recycling. Even if that sounds easy, there are many factors that you have to consider. You need the right types of containers to collect recyclables, and then you have to figure out how to convince all of the necessary employees that they should use them. Beyond that, you have to figure out how often you need to collect things, and in the proper ways to get everything to a recycling center.

Going Minimal

As much as possible, many companies decide that they want to use the fewest resources possible. This is the business equivalent of going minimal as an individual. If you only have what you need, and you decide that you need very little, then that is an automatic perspective that pushes you toward the minimal concept. If you’re into luxury items or enjoy the excesses of business life, then this is probably not a viable option.

Buying Recycled Materials

Lastly, if you want to stay as eco-friendly as possible with your waste management, you have to pay attention to your input as well. In other words, if possible, your company should be buying recycled materials. One of the best ways to do this is to buy recycled paper. Then you at least know that you’re not cutting down new trees to get your necessary office supplies. Sometimes recycled paper is more expensive, but when you consider the cost of being environmentally friendly, it is worth it.