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Personal Place – How to Personalise Your Area in a Shared Office


Of the many benefits of shared offices, the one that is common in all of these spaces is the fact that the furniture is designed to promote social interaction. For this reason, many spaces are furnished with the most comfortable pieces. Lounge areas are almost fit out with comfortable couches and other seating arrangements. Furthermore, most contain a small café or coffee bar where renters can seek respite.

One of the reasons the shared office space is so popular is because it does invite the sense that you are working in a comfortable space similar to your home. However, while many of these spaces are extremely comfortable, they are shared spaces. Even so, you do not have to forgo providing your own personal touch to these spaces.

Keep reading to learn more about the different ways you can spruce up your work area in the shared office.

Make Simple Changes

Whether working at a hot desk or a dedicated one, professionals can add simple touches to personalise their work area. For one, consider using a favourite screensaver and matching your coffee cup of similar colour. Small desk accessories like paper clip holders and pencil containers can dress up even the drabbest table.

Other desk accessories that can be used include fancy stationery, table covers and mats that add a splash of colour to any work area.

Bring In The Light

If your workspace is a bit dark, consider using a small lamp that can be stored in the workspace when not working. If you want to play with colour, consider shades outside the normal range of soft white. However, remember you are working with others, so avoid lighting that is too distracting.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Not that you have to drag the whole office around, but consider bringing a seating pad that makes working more comfortable. Seating cushions can make working in chairs that are often without padding more bearable. Many of these seating pads can be found at any discount or homewares store in Australia.

Add Art

If working at a dedicated desk, consider placing art on your desk. Because these desks are typically small, you don’t want to bring in anything that is too ostentatious, or worse yet, offensive. Small decorative pieces can liven up any work area.

Surround Yourself With Family

If you are not really into art but would like to add a personalised touch to your desk, consider surrounding yourself with pictures of family and friends. Like other office spaces, pictures often show others in the workspace a lot about who you are outside of the office. In addition, these pictures can make getting through the workday bearable.

Plants Are Great Draw

For those who belong to an eco-friendly workspace, consider bringing a small plant to place on your dedicated desk. In addition to providing the space with a little scenery, they can be the source of conversation, especially if beautiful. A small bouquet of flowers can also always cheer up a room.

Avoid Busy Displays

Keep in mind, by the very nature of the shared space, you do not want to bring too much to the office and risk cluttering up the space. Furthermore, remember your space is only your space while you are at work. To avoid lugging items back and forth, see about storage for when you are not at work.

Making It Personal

The work day is so much easier to survive when surrounded by creature comforts. While many of Australia’s co-working spaces do make your workspace feel like home, personal touches add a certain warmth. The best part of it is much of this decoration can be done with simple changes.

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