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Is Brexit Still Affecting Business in the UK?


Since June 23, 2016, it’s been already two years. Mass hysteria has reached a peak, and those who were already working in the UK were already wondering: what if I have to leave now? Do I really have to go back to my home country now?

Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not have to leave. People are slowly adjusting to the change – but while they are slowly adjusting to the new course of things, they are also some things that will be made more difficult – for both UK citizens and the immigrants.

How Things Fare for the Citizens

When the UK voted for Brexit, they had one thing in mind: to prohibit the free flow of immigrant from the United Kingdom. Refugees were coming from every direction, making the UK a highly multicultural country – one which, in the opinion of most locals, left them without an identity – and no jobs.

And indeed, now that Brexit is here, the UK no longer has to UK tax guidelines, nor do they have to pay the UK membership fees. However, here’s one thought: when immigrants were coming from every direction, so to speak, there were always some people willing to do odd jobs – those that locals weren’t particularly keen on doing themselves.

Now, however, since there are not as many workers anymore, UK has lost a lot of its workforce – and therefore, the country is no longer growing as much. Before, there would be people there to occupy every job – regardless of how odd it was. Now, a lot of that profit is no longer there – meaning that the growth has gone down by 2.4%. Plus, this will also cost the UK a whole lot in exit fees.

How It Affects Immigrants

So now we know how it affects the native citizens – but the greatest concern is how it affects those who planned on working there. Now, it’s clear that they won’t start kicking out people who have settled there, simply because they aren’t English. All they have to do now is get their visa.

Getting their visa, however, requires that they meet some standards. Immigrants now need to get sponsored to work in the UK, and they need to go on something reliable. The only way they can stay working there is by having your work sponsored by an employee – with a Tier 2 general permit.

If you have a permanent job there, then all you will have to do is renew the visa every three years. However, if your contract expires in less than 3 years, so does your visa. If you can’t manage to extend your visa with the employee or switch to another one while your visa is still valid, then you’ll risk becoming an illegal immigrant.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, foreigners are not completely kicked out from the UK with Brexit. They will, however, have to work hard in order to stay there. Business is indeed going at a slower pace, but only because it is still adjusting to the new system.