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If Your Business Marketing Automation Isn’t Up To Scratch, Why Not?


The use of marketing automation is increasingly unavoidable for businesses looking to maintain customer relationships around the clock and beyond. It’s widely known that early adopters of new technologies often gain a considerable competitive advantage in a fast-growing market environment. Still, simply adopting new technologies is different to utilising them to their, and your, best advantage.

Many factors are currently influencing the growth of marketing automation with changing buyer behaviour leading the way, alongside an emphasis on revenue generation and measurement. However, one of the issues often faced by companies looking to enter the realm of automation is the ease of adoption, which can sometimes lead to the underutilisation of the chosen automation product(s).

In fact, according to an in-depth survey carried out by GetResponse and SmartInsights, very few digital marketers assessed their effectiveness in marketing automation as intermediate (28%) and even fewer responded with expert level (5%). Additionally, 29% of all marketers rated their ability as basic, providing a real insight into how the technology chosen and/or utilised currently doesn’t work for a lot of businesses.

There are steps companies can take to ensure that marketing automation is a continuously synergetic and engaging process for both business and the customer, without becoming another wasteful expenditure. It would first be useful to dispel some of the most common myths around automation to help your company work out how to best employ and improve the process.

Since automation is just one way of streamlining the marketing process, it’s important to understand that it will not fix your marketing problems without the input of skilled professionals, as it obviously requires well-developed content in the first place. You want to avoid simply automating a bad process – it cannot magically transform drab content into something effective or compelling. Moreover, it’s not there to be set up and forgotten about – think of it more like a dynamic tool that will simplify any tweaks and amends to be made, infusing your content and communications with a continuously personal touch.

To get the most out of the technological advancements in the field of customer data platforms, a business must choose the right tool for them, taking into consideration business needs and customer requirements. The vast swathes of data available can often be overwhelming, so a multi-channel marketing automation software with a single platform view will often be the best choice for those looking to execute online and offline marketing campaigns, reduce repetition of tasks and deliver consistent brand messaging.

Marketing automation is certainly here to stay, and, as with any technological advancements, it’s up to businesses to work out how to adapt it to reap short and long-term rewards. Researching and shopping around for the right automation product will assist in alleviating staff pressures and reaching customers at the right time, with a consistently relevant message.