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How Your Business Can Profit from Being More Energy Efficient

Cost savings can be made when businesses take a serious look at their energy consumption and where they are getting their energy from.

Using new technologies and renewable energy is also top of mind for businesses serious about reducing energy consumption, saving the planet and also repositioning the perception of their business as a modern eco friendly company.

Here’s how businesses can cut down on their energy usage:

Energy Audit

The first action to take is an energy audit. Businesses use auditors in other areas of their business and now it’s possible to do so for energy consumption to identify how the business is using energy and where the cost savings can be made. Replacing old equipment is usually one of the recommendations.

Replace Old Equipment

There is a saying: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Well when it comes to energy efficiency replacing old boilers, cylinders and heaters can the right move for your business. Older models can use a huge amount of energy.

Investing in brand new, eco-friendly commercial heating equipment from proven suppliers like JLA makes sense going forward for improved performance from the units.

Additionally, programmable thermostats can be a smart move as they enable you to control the temperature when no one is around so that you are not wasting energy and so that you can maintain the optimum temperature at all times.

HVAC should also be properly maintained, or you could switch to an energy-efficient unit.

Renewable Energy

Another excellent way to reduce utility bills is to switch to renewable energy.

Solar and wind energy is likely to become commonplace in businesses soon which is likely to reduce operational costs further as well as improve your brand perception.


Going eco friendly offers a business an opportunity to renew their reputation with prospective customers.

Additionally, switching to renewable energy will also make a business exempt from paying duty under the Climate Change Levy (CCL).

Many businesses are hesitating to make big changes like this as they fear it will cost a fortune – without delivering the cost savings.

However as consumers become more discerning businesses will be left with no choice but to show they too are away of their carbon footprint, energy usage and social enterprise focus – all the things consumers are keen to be associated with no what your business is.

The commercial office and industrial plant need to make a positive move in this direction.

Company Culture

From the top down the company culture needs to focus on reducing energy consumption. Encouraging employees to switch off machines when not in use, turning off the lights in empty rooms, using energy efficient light bulbs and other practices.

Foster participation and group think, you’ll be surprised what ideas are presented. Of course there’s the hot desks and remote work options too.


With increasing pressure and new legislations being introduced, businesses in all industries need to look at their energy consumption and identify how they can make improvements. In addition to abiding by legislation and improving public perception, this can actually be a great way to reduce operational costs and maximise profit.

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