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How to Host a Great Corporate Event

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To grow as strong as can be, businesses need a constant string of new customers coming through their doors.

Hosting regular corporate events is a great way for you to achieve this, as doing so will give you the exposure needed to attract new people in as well as the time and facilities you need to then turn them into customers of yours. Putting on such an event is about doing more than setting out a few snacks and drinks, however.

If you want to create custom and subsequently profit for yourself from your corporate events, then each event that you host needs to be great, and give results.

Below are five factors that are pivotal when it comes to hosting a successful event.

Decide on Date & Time

One of the very first factors you need to consider when planning a corporate event is the date and time. Your business industry and niche may play a part in this; for example, if your target audience is busy professionals, hosting an event in the middle of the working week may not be the best idea.

Likewise, if your target audience is parents with young children, a late-night event on the weekend may not be possible for the majority to attend. You also need to consider any special occasions or holidays which could impact your event.

If your busiest period as a business is Christmas, while hosting a great event can bring in a greater revenue, it may be overwhelming to cope with the additional demands this period brings already, and dealing with planning and executing the event itself.

Hire Out or Create a Stylish Spot

The space in which you host your corporate event, whether you hire out an event space or create one on your premises, will play a quintessential role in the success of it.

It’ll be the first thing that your guests see and subsequently think about your event, and it’ll ultimately be what they are most likely to remember about it. So, make sure it is as stylish as can be. As well as that, make sure it is big enough to fit all of your guests in, and make sure the space provides all the amenities that guests will expect, like food and drink.

Provide Superb Service

Whether you’re in the business of service provision, such as bar or restaurant service, or not, you need to become well versed in it if you want to host a great corporate event. It’s quite simple, if the customer service that you display is not of the superb variety, your guests will not be made to feel either welcome or that you are a business that can be trusted to be professional going forward.

If you don’t feel you are up to the task of providing superb service because of how busy you will be networking and mingling at your event, then you may have to hire out agency staff for the day. They will use the professional experience that they have in tailoring the experiencing of each customer that they serve to make sure each of your guests will be made to feel special at your event.

Partner Up

The best corporate events are not one-person bands. They are events that come together thanks to the collaboration of a number of entities, businesses, and promotions, so don’t be afraid to partner up if you want your event to be a success. This could mean partnering with other businesses in your market or local charities, as this would result in you tapping into a customer base you have not had the pleasure of reaching.

Measure Your Success

Of course, hosting a great event is vital, but how do you know it truly made its mark and it hit the targets if you don’t measure your success? One way to ensure you, and your employees who worked hard on the event, know how well it went is to track the number attendees who then turn into paying customers.

A strategy to implement is to give vouchers away at the event, perhaps for a discount of 10% for certain products, and then to track how many people redeem the voucher. However, it is important to keep in mind that those purchases will not happen instantly.

In fact, it may take attendees a few weeks to purchase a product or use your services.

If you want your business to not only survive on its market but to thrive, then you need to keep attracting new customers and churning out new custom. To do this, you need to be getting out there and hosting corporate events, and you can take on the advice above to make them great.

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