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How Businesses Can Use Podcasts To Drive Sales


Podcasts have come to the fore in recent years as the on-demand medium for music and TV news, serialized chat shows and just about everything else.

With the number of monthly listeners consistently rising in countries across the world, many businesses are increasingly seeing podcasts as an integral part of their content marketing campaigns. Find out more about how podcasts can help to drive sales and make important leads for your business.

The Podcast: A New Kind of Entertainment

Podcasts have experienced a surge in popularity of late, probably owing to the fact that more and more of us carry mobile devices with us and use them to access digital entertainment wherever we are.

Indeed, podcasts have become one of the chief forms of entertainment for people across the world, owing to the fact that – as neatly summarized in this podcast article in the 1&1 Digital Guide – they could be described as simply “a blog that is published at regular (or irregular) intervals in audio form.”

This easy and engaging format means that podcasts are highly accessible, letting you multitask while still engaging with the audio content. For instance, people can play podcasts when they are commuting, exercising, washing up, cooking or even while at work.

So, what demographic do podcasts target? Generally speaking, it seems millennials are the most avid listeners and subscribers, however, the full spectrum of listeners is very broad. It is estimated that in the last four years, the number of podcast listeners has nearly doubled, reaching an audience that of almost 68 million people per month.

Given the enormous scale of this figure, it’s no wonder that companies are starting to show an interest in amassing and harnessing the public interest, too.

The Relationship Between Audio Blogs and Business Marketing

Producing a podcast is a great way for a company to establish itself as a trusted authority, strengthening consumer belief in the business by appearing authoritative and unbiased about a variety of different subjects. In order to hone this, curate your podcast to deal with a varied number of topics that are of interest to your listeners.

Call to Action

Putting your listeners center stage when developing the show will help to make it more appealing and seem less like an advertising effort. Instead, simply include a call-to-action at the end of your episodes that will direct listeners to your website or highlight your USPs, rather than forcing it into the main topic of each installment.


The cost of producing a podcast is low, especially considering the kind of audience numbers the program can pull in. As such, podcasts can make extremely cost-effective tools for companies hoping to get their name out there without having the resources to invest into a full-on marketing campaign initially.

Given the time required to produce an episode consists solely of the recording time and then a small fraction of post-production, the effort of creating a podcast is minimal once you have the idea for your show established.


One of the important steps in broadening your target base and converting customers is to tell a story. The podcast is an altogether new medium that is perfect for storytelling, as it allows you to add the imperative human element to it.

The live aspect of podcasts, using human voices to offer real-time jokes or anecdotes, gives it an edge over other marketing forms as it taps into a more intense level of communication which we naturally respond to readily. Creating a strong script or simply offering good prompts to confident presenters lets the program take on a life of its own in listeners’ imaginations.


In conclusion, podcasts are a great way to generate authentic interest from a broad consumer base for your business, using minimal time, money and effort. Well-researched and informative shows will help to build your business’s reputation as a trusted authority, further contributing to its success with new and existing customers. Podcasts can be as fun, innovative and dynamic as your company is, so take note of this latest content marketing move and don’t get left behind.

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