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How Adding In House Delivery Can Improve Your Business

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If you are a manufacturer, a wholesaler, or a company that sells goods online, you might be using courier companies and freight services for overseas deliveries.

However, this reduces your control over delivery times and cost, and you are probably wasting money.

If you would like to add more value to your customers, you might want to create an in-house delivery system to your supply chain, so you can be faster, cheaper, and more flexible to the market’s needs.

Below you will find a few reasons why adding delivery services might be the right way to go.

Full Control on Your Logistics

If you are dealing with large volumes, you might be struggling to find the most suitable delivery slot if you outsource your shipping.

Instead of sending out orders as soon as possible and freeing up storage space in the warehouse, your goods might be on the road or in containers for up to a week before they reach your customer.

In the highly competitive environment of global trade, you can lose your competitiveness if you don’t offer fast delivery.

Reduced Costs

In some cases, you will even save money on delivery. Whether you are serving local customers and invest in a small truck to drop off parcels the same day as they order to customers or are getting air mail services allocated to your company, you will be able to reduce your overall cost per product.

Check out resources and corporate aviation news to find out whether or not investing in a shared use of a small aircraft for deliveries would make financial sense.

Better Resource Planning

You will also be able to plan your resources better if you have your own parcel delivery service. You will not only be able to plan routes and bundle orders together, but also monitor the cost of running your services.

Business Continuity

If you have your own delivery service and infrastructure, you will not have to rely on the terms and conditions of your service provider. If they decide to put their prices up, chances are that you will not be able to do anything, especially if you are tied in a contract.

If you are looking for business continuity, you might not want to depend on outside service providers’ policies, priorities, and strategies.

Personalization Options

Just imagine that your biggest client is in a kind of pickle and wants their order as soon as possible.

If you are using a delivery company, you might get the service at a surcharge, but if you have your own service, you can take care of the issue and prioritize your orders. If your business goals are not well aligned with your delivery company’s, it might be time to consider making a change.

When you are running a wholesale or manufacturing business, or own a chain of stores, chances are that you are dependent on the availability and schedule of your delivery contractor.

If you would like more flexibility and better control of costs and timelines, it might be time to consider setting up your in house delivery infrastructure.

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