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Does Your Business Need to Ship to the Caribbean? Here are a few tips

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When you have regional or international customers, shipping is one of the most important things to streamline. Your customers should be able to receive their products with minimal to no delays if at all, your business is going to be successful for many years to come. Whether it is small packages, parcels, barrels or even commercial freight that you need to send to your clients in the Caribbean, you can either ship them by sea or by air depending on the bulk and the urgency of the products. This means working with a reliable shipping company that you can trust to deliver the goods to their destinations within the shortest time possible and without any defects from handling or transportation. While most shipping companies that ship to the Caribbean claim to offer impeccable services, it is important to do your homework carefully when picking the shipping company to use.

So how exactly do you go about it if your business needs to ship goods, products or equipment to the Caribbean? If you guessed right, you’ll need to pick a shipping company that has the Caribbean as one of its shipping destinations, at least for starters. When so doing, you’ll need to know what to look for in a good shipping company.

Here are a few tips you can use when your business needs to ship goods to the Caribbean destinations.

1. Research Caribbean companies

The first and most important thing that you should do is research on the items that you can ship to the Caribbean. You’ll also want to identify some of the shipping companies that can transport goods to the Caribbean. Be sure to look into their processes, procedures, and the kind of goods they specialize in. Create a list of a few companies and narrow down your options based on the pointers that follow.

2. Consider experience and reputation

After your extensive research on Caribbean shipping companies, it is now time to settle on one company that you feel is outstanding. You’ll want to compare and contrast before settling down on a particular company that you can trust. For instance, you’ll want to work with an experienced company whose reputation precedes them. Also, consider other things such as their shipping frequency and timelines. Even with this in mind, your comparison task doesn’t end there.

3. Credentials, certifications and licensure

Any legit company in the shipping business should have verifiable credentials showing that they is qualified and accredited to transport cargo. They should be compliant with shipping regulations and cargo transportation regulations in the Caribbean. Therefore, ensure that you have checked whether the shipment company you are about to work with has the required certifications as well as licensure. If you have any doubts about using a particular shipping company, you can always check with the relevant organizations such as the Caribbean Shipping Association for verification. After all, everyone wants an assurance that his/her goods will be in good hands.

4. Don’t forget Insurance

Insurance is vital when it comes to the shipment of goods not only to the Caribbean but any other destination on the global map. The company you want to hire should have an insurance cover that allows you to can rest assured that your goods are protected. More so, in case of unforeseen accidents or issues that may lead to the loss or damage of your cargo, you will be at peace knowing that you will be duly compensated. For this reason, selecting a shipping company that has insurance coverage is critical. There are various types of cargo insurance, including marine cargo and land cargo insurance so be sure to ask for the specifics before trusting the company to ship your goods to the Caribbean.

5. Cost

Cost is another equally important factor to consider when it comes to shipment. Some shipping companies are known to provide more expensive services than others. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that such a company provides higher quality services than the rest in the industry. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make sense to incur very high expenses on your shipping such that it eats into your profits for the item being shipped. Go for a company that will accommodate your budget but make sure that their services are reliable. Shipping costs may also be affected by your distance from the Caribbean as well as the method of shipping.


Once you have identified a company and you have considered the aforementioned pointers carefully, it is time to get a quote. Before selecting your Caribbean shipment carrier, be sure to ask for a detailed no-obligation quote. As a matter of fact, it is important to ask for quotes from a few prospective shipping companies if you can. If you can get your quote online, the better. This will help you if you need to make further assessments regarding the cost of shipping.

When filling the quote, make sure you include an estimate of the dimensions and weight of your cargo so that you get accurate quotes. Some shipping companies allow a client to register online, book for transportation that track the shipment around the clock. Such companies are the best to consider, especially for busy people who cannot get the time to physically visit a shipping company.

7. Reliability

When shipping your small packages, large barrels or sensitive goods, selecting a reliable company should always be a priority. It is thus important to check the record or the history of the company to see if they are reliable enough before choosing to work with them. It also pays to check out the number of shipments they have done in the past and what their previous clients are saying about the company online. Normally, reliability and experience go hand-in-hand when it comes to Caribbean express shipping. Almost always, a company that has been in the industry for a long time will also most probably be reliable.

8. Value added services

More often than not, a company that offers value added services is more convenient. For instance, a company that allows you to add some services like pickups and delivery to the transportation can be a great pick. This means that once your goods arrive at the Caribbean, they can be picked up and delivered to the desired destination under the supervision of the shipping company you select.The best Caribbean shipping companies provide value-added services.

The tips above will be of great help during your decision making process regarding the shipping of goods to the Caribbean. You can follow them closely and even ask your business accolades and associates that may have transported goods to the Caribbean before to provide you with more tips and guidelines. The bottom line is that when looking for good shipping company, their experience, fair shipping rates, insurance, reliability, and reputation are some of the most important things to have in mind. You will always be confident and at peace that your goods will get to their destination on time when you pick a reliable company that works with reliable cargo airlines such as Amerijet.

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