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Can Talking To Industry Outsiders Help You?

In the world of business, we can get so easily locked in our own minds and groups.

It’s pretty much just like real life, if we continually surrounded ourselves with people that are like us, involved in the same things, have similar interests, we can find it comforting to be in a closed pen. And the sad thing is, we know we’re closing ourselves off but as long as it feels comfortable, we’re okay with that.

Well, the only reason why it feels comfortable is, that we have a fear of being in a position where we’re not in absolute control, or at the very least have some kind of way to adapt to any situation. For example, people involved in bonds and long-term accounting felt comfortable as more and more money kept rolling in, in the run up to the 2007 crash.

If only people that were shorting these bonds, such as those private investment companies that were talking with the real estate companies, they could have avoided billions in losses. Therefore, it begs the question, can we learn anything from people outside of our industry?

Trouble for you

We’re human, so we’re bizarre in the fact that we pay more attention to the things that go wrong than those that go well. We’re far more likely to engage in conversations about trouble and strife, than pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. Industry events are full of these sorts of conversations among people at every level.

General employees, juniors, interns, lesser middle management, and all the way up to executives, investors, and CEOs all talk about the things that the industry they’re involved in needs to watch out for.

Of course, the gossip and conversations that shine a light on the things that have gone well will be interesting, but one way you could learn from those that work in another industry is observing their complaints.

Industry events

Go to industry events of the industries you’re rubbing shoulders with. For example, if you’re working in insurance, go to an event that isn’t about insurance but about marketing.

Marketing experts

You need excellent marketers to engage with customers and clients who don’t know they need your insurance. However, what if the marketing world is going through some kind of trouble? What is the algorithms that Google uses are changing, what if a company is in the news for abusing the system in some way, what if it is becoming more difficult to reach out to consumers?

All of these answers matter to you, but indirectly. Keeping yourself abreast of what is going on in other industries, could inform you of future trouble that could be coming for you.

Living and working among them

Risk analysts are experts in predicting how other industries will affect each other. It’s one of their duties but it’s not something they would actively find out unless a company asked them to create a report.

These can amount of a lot of money and if you’re a client of a consultancy, this kind of report can wrack up to thousands of dollars. Small businesses simply cannot hope to have this kind of report made every year.

Wouldn’t it be better to just live and work with people from other industries? If you click here, you can see the options for professional shared offices.

Swap Ideas

You get to rub shoulders with professionals from all over the world, working among each other, swapping ideas, talking about the latest trends and figuring out new ways to succeed and beat bigger businesses.

The prices are very affordable with the coworking membership of a shared office sitting at $299 per month.

Considering that you would be paying around three times that much in a high-rise corporate building, for a shared office space where companies would rather keep to themselves, that’s quite a good deal.

Also, thanks to the suite options, you get open office plans whereby, experts and entrepreneurs working in different industries are merely meters away from you. They do have their own companies and will be working hard as you are, but being so close to one another, allows you to see what kind of techniques and strategies they utilize.

Learning from others who are in the thick of it, is very beneficial. Instead of walking into mistakes, losing your money and harming your chances of growth, you can work alongside people from industries your business regularly interacts with.


The more you talk to people at events that are held for those not in your industry, the more you can learn about any future problems that could be laying in wait for you in the future. Sometimes just being in the environment of multiple industries and entrepreneurs, trumps any other kind of atmosphere where you can learn something new every day.

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