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A Marketers Guide: How To Gain More Instagram Followers


Instagram has boomed in popularity in the last several years. It now has about 1 billion registered users.

Marketers love this channel and Instagram stars earn fortunes by advertising various products. However, if you want to become one of them, you need at least several thousand active followers. Sadly, It is not that easy to get a such number of followers.

There are certain strategies that you can use to reach more people and increase your follower base. It takes some effort and time but it is totally worth it. For that reason, today, I am going to share with you a guide on how to get followers on instagram.

Create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed with a niche

Aesthetics Are Everything On Instagram.

If you do not have a certain theme and do not post consistent, visually appealing pictures to your profile you will not get a lot of followers. The first impression has a big impact on the person’s decision to follow or not.

Imagine that you stumble across an Instagram account that is about everything and at the same time about nothing. The pictures on the profile do not fit together and look like a mess. Would you follow such an account? Probably not, because you would not understand what they do and what kind of content they post.

Therefore, it is really important that your pictures would nicely come together on your profile and would not look like a mess. It should be clear right away what are you doing, what kind of content you post and your bio should not be dozens of emojis but a clear statement about yourself.

Make Use of Instagram Story Highlights

Stories and story highlights have already been on Instagram pretty long time. Yet there are still business as well as public figures that do not use them to full potential. These things give a lot of opportunities to reach new people and get more followers.

Use story Highlights to introduce yourself and display your best content there. Also, as Instagram allows to create several highlights you can create one for introduction and others to advertise your products or services.

Keep in mind that Instagram stories also appear on the Instagram Explore page so stories not only allows to keep your current followers engaged but also lets you attract new people to your profile. You can target certain groups by including a hashtag or geo-location on your story.

Have an Interesting and Eye-catching Bio

Almost everyone uses their Instagram bio the wrong way. Most of the people like to put their age, residential area, as well as a bunch of cute emojis on their bio, and this is not very useful.

Instead of making your bio only about you, try to emphasize with your audience and tell them how they could benefit from following you.

Explain how you will help or inspire them.

Make your bio precise and to the point. Ask people to come to your blog, shop or subscribe to your email list. Do not be afraid to tell your followers about your products.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most efficient ways to get more followers although sometimes it is pretty hard to find the correct ones. There are certain rules that you must keep if you want to maximize your hashtag efficiency.

The main rule would be not to use the same hashtags every time. It is because when a profile posts the same 30 hashtags on every picture,

Instagram indicates that as a spam behavior and does not show it on the hashtag feed. Thus, use different hashtags on every single picture. Do not forget that hashtags should have a purpose and must represent the picture. In general, imagine that a hashtag is a category to which you post your photo.

Also, perform a research that your target audience uses and try to make pictures that represent those hashtags that you could use them. While exploring those hashtags spend some time liking and commenting on your target audience posts as this might help you to gain some more followers.

Boost Your Instagram Posts

There are certain Instagram growth hacks that you can utilize although probably the most powerful one is to boost your Instagram post.

The situation on Instagram is pretty similar to the situation on Facebook when organic reach is declining and if you want to reach your customer you need to pay them.

It is a pretty good idea to boost your post if you want to get more followers as it is not that expensive. You might be nervous running your own ad campaign if you are doing it the first time. I can assure you that there is nothing to be nervous about.

It is straightforward, you create a post that you want to promote, publish it on Instagram and press the “promote” button.

Promote Your Account Elsewhere

If you have other social media accounts, you should promote your Instagram account on them. Also, if you are an active forum member or active member of any other online community try to promote your Instagram there as well.

A pretty good way to promote your Instagram account is by creating your own blog or by writing for other people. After the article most of the publishers allow you to create your own bio in which you can add a link to your Instagram account.

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