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7 Reasons Why You Need to Use Creative Project Management Software

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Did you know 73% of people think technology can never replace the human mind?

This is why the technology software companies are implementing today mostly focuses on bringing people together efficiently…

Versus replacing them all together.

The greatest example being creative project management software. This software is changing the way creatives manage their projects, teams, leads, and more.

So why do you need creative project management software?

Check out these seven convincing reasons to add it to your business processes.

1. Be More Organized

Project management software can give you access to more powerful servers than what you have in-house… Kind of like Coder does for their clients.

This allows you to grow and expand your business as there becomes a need to organize more projects.

You can organize your projects and individual tasks on a calendar. This calendar can be accessible to everyone on the team.

It also allows you to organize all your tools, folders, and other materials in one place for easy access.

2. Simple Overview of Projects

Projects and tasks can be complex to manage.

Creative project management software can help you create a dashboard that is simple to view.

It can give you a quick snapshot of everything that’s going on for the day, week, or month.

Many software options will also give you the ability to allow your client access to a dashboard.

This will make them feel more aware of what’s going on with the project.

You and your client will basically have a bird’s eye view of what’s going on at any given time.

3. Keep the Team on the Same Page

One of the key benefits of project management is the communication it facilitates.

It opens up the door to a whole new way to collaborate on projects. The team all has access to the same information, creating a more inclusive atmosphere that’s great for team building.

Relevant information can easily be shown to the right people instantly. There’s a history of the project accessible for anyone just joining a project.

And it opens the door for everyone to have a more holistic view of a project. This creates room for innovation and brainstorming.

4. Follow Up with Leads

The number one rule of great customer service is following up with your leads.

Creative project management software helps you keep track of all existing customers, past customers, and their potential purchases.

This is great for when you start a marketing campaign, are looking for feedback, or want to upsell someone.

Your database can be used for more than just project management. It can be used as a marketing tool for future growth.

5. Transparency

A lack of clarity around projects is why they fail 37% of the time. The need for transparency is vital to success!

Creative project management software can create this transparency. It does this by:

  • Giving the whole team access to projects
  • Creating open communication in a team environment
  • Showing clients project progress
  • Letting the whole team know all projects going on
  • Involving everyone in projects

This transparency is honest and creates a know, like, and trust factor. For the team, clients, and brand alike.

6. Precision in Project Tracking

It’s easy for companies to lose track of exactly what’s going on when there are multiple teams, projects, goals, and tasks happening.

Creative project management software allows companies and entrepreneurs to monitor:

  • Time spent on specific tasks
  • Money spent on projects
  • Who is assigned which tasks
  • What teams are on each project
  • Performance
  • Deadlines
  • Scopes of work

The precision of software is greater than tracking this in any other way. It eliminates some of the human error associated with tracking tasks.

This has other benefits outside of monitoring ongoing projects. It can also help companies with several other metrics.

For example, records of previous projects can be used to more accurately forecast when preparing a quote.

It can also help team leaders pinpoint who are the best fit for each individual task. They can do this based on past performance versus guessing.

7. Accountability

Did you know 30% of U.S. workers say their team’s biggest issue is with accountability?

Breakdowns in projects can happen easily when there is no accountability. Especially when there are several different types of personalities on a project.

For example, if someone feels like they’re doing all the work they can lose morale. This one negative person on a team can bring the work ethic down for everyone.

Creative project management software helps reduce this. Everyone on the team has to be transparent with what they’re working on and when they will accomplish it.

The software provides management with timely updates on tasks. They can easily see who is performing and how well.

It can also be set up to notify everyone of important deadlines. For example, if a task is pending or overdue, a notification can be sent out to the whole team.

Project management software can also ensure a project is fully completed. It holds everyone accountable to provide every deliverable from their tasks.

Do You Need Creative Project Management Software?

You might be wondering if creative project management software is something you need.

Ask yourself:

  • Do my projects and tasks need to be better organized?
  • Are there failures in projects due to a lack of communication?
  • Are projects planned and carried out in a way that is clear to the team as a whole?

Project management software won’t make you a superhuman project manager. What it can do is provide you with the tools to become one.

So if you’re great at managing projects but feel like you don’t have the right systems to do it…

Now is the time to invest in creative project management software.

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