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5 Great Careers For People Who Love Helping Others


If you’re someone who loves to help others and thrives in an environment where you know that you’re making a difference, then there are careers out there which are better for you than others.

Although your job doesn’t determine who you are as a person, it plays a prominent role in your overall happiness in life. Since the average person spends most of their week at their place of employment, it’s in your best interest to choose a job which fulfills your passions.  It’s no surprise why people who work jobs which don’t suit their passions in life have a greater tendency towards dissatisfaction in life.

If you see yourself in a job which makes the world a better place by doing services for others, then here are some of the best career options for you to consider.

Medical Field

Working with people who are suffering from injuries and illnesses is one of the most selfless jobs that you can have.  Whether you prefer working as a surgeon, general practitioner, or nurse, it’s an opportunity to help those in need.

In addition to being extremely fulfilling emotionally if you love to help others, the salary is known for being quite high.  The reason for this being that working as a medical specialist requires years of education and training hours.


Working with those who want to further their education and better themselves is an excellent career choice.  You can work with all kinds of ages from young children to adults.

As a teacher, you don’t only help people learn, but you also serve as a mentor.  Many people don’t know how intelligent and capable they indeed are because they never had an influential teacher helping them learn things in an engaging way.

Think of all the people who could have made a difference in the world had they only been given the right teacher.

Social Worker

A social worker helps people who are going through hard times in their personal lives.  They help people with modest resources find shelter, employment and often assist them getting out of abusive circumstances.

Although the pay isn’t as high as the work the job requires, it is an incredibly fulfilling job which provides support for those in need in the community.


When people have emotional trauma or unresolved issues, they turn to a therapist to help guide them to a better state.  Therapists are there to help people identify their habits and hopefully develop new ones which encourage healthier relationships and lifestyles.

If you love talking to people and exploring the human condition, then therapy can be a fascinating and extremely fulfilling option.


Although not every career in law contributes to the greater good, there are many ways in which a career in law can.

Working on cases which defend human rights, or representing people who don’t have the financial means to pay for a lawyer, are examples of selfless careers in law.

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