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5 Great Careers For People Who Love Helping Others

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Job satisfaction is what we all want, so if you’re someone who loves to help others and thrives in an environment where you know that you’re making a difference, then choose the right profession for every role.

Although your job doesn’t determine who you are as a person, it plays a prominent role in your overall happiness in life.

See our recent post on job dissatisfaction so you know if you need to change what you’re doing so you’re happier.

Since we spend most of their week working, it’s in our interest to choose a job which fulfils our passions.  

People who work jobs that fail to live up to their expectations have a greater tendency towards unhappiness, bringing depression and mental illness. Therefore it’s wise to look after yourself and control where your life will take you – including your career.

Do whatever it takes, including further education and training to get into roles and organisations that naturally fit your nature. Remember, life is not a rehearsal, so if making a difference in people’s lives in need motivates you – just do it. Careers helping others include:


Numerous professions in the medical industry involve direct and indirect interaction with people in need. Work out which you prefer – i.e. being a frontline worker or a less customer-facing role but equally rewarding.

For example, doctors, nurses, and patient services staff are all on the frontline, whereas scientists, online or phone customer support operators are not dealing with patients in person.

Whatever role you choose, be sure it’s what you really want to do. Most roles will require your investment in time and resources to get the right qualification, some of which take years, including a general practitioner (GP) role.


Teaching offers a lot of variety from the students through to the discipline.

A career in education, training and development includes being a mentor.  Did you know most successful entrepreneurs have mentors?

Like with medical, as an educator, you can travel and take roles anywhere around the world. Once you know teaching is the profession for you, decide which sector interests you. There is so much choice, including:

  • Teaching at schools
  • Adult education – tertiary study
  • Professional services training
  • Apprenticeships – trades training
  • Vocational training

Think of all the people who could have made a difference in the world had they only been given the right teacher.

Social Services

A tough but rewarding role can be found as a social worker. When a person thinks of social workers they often think
of a hard worker, a great listener, and an advocate for less fortunate and struggling others.

Working in communities with sparse resources, social workers help people with their everyday needs, including finding shelter, food, employment, and budgeting.

Social workers are facilitators for folk who often have no one to turn to, or they’ve been in an abusive environment, and they need help finding a new area for their own safety. They often assist them in getting out of abusive circumstances.

Although the pay isn’t as high as other career choices – job satisfaction is not just about how much you can earn. Thankfully many people love their social work and are rewarded by the positive outcomes for their customers.


When people have emotional trauma or unresolved issues, they turn to a therapist to help guide them to a better state.  
Therapists are there to help people identify their habits and hopefully develop new ones who encourage healthier relationships and lifestyles.

If you love talking to people and exploring the human condition, then therapy can be a fascinating and extremely fulfilling option.

Elderly Care

It’s impossible to list sectors that focus on helping people in need and not mention elderly care. As we enter old age, we become less able, which can also lead to being less willing. Elderly care is essential for keeping our elders safe, healthy, and happy in their twilight years.

As an ageing population, the elderly care sector is booming, so there are many roles that can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for either as a frontline caregiver or behind the scenes in administration or management.


Although not every career in law contributes to the greater good, a career in law can result in many ways.

Working on cases that defend human rights, or representing people who don’t have the financial means to pay for a lawyer, are examples of selfless careers in law.

Summing Up

Focus on a career that makes you happy. Put in the hard work to get years of contentment knowing you’ve made a choice. There are endless roles that help people in need that we’ve not mentioned, so if our list doesn’t inspire you, do some research. Don’t settle for second-best – get the job you really want.

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