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3 Common Marketing Mistakes That Nobody Tells You About

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Marketing can be tricky, especially with the abundance of tools and content we now have access to. Social media, email, GPS, apps, web display, events, blogs, influencers and so many other factors need to be taken into consideration. With so much to consider, it’s not uncommon that companies make some mistakes. In fact, according to research conducted by Adobe, only 40 percent of people think their marketing is effective, and only 48 percent of digital marketers feel proficient. So where are mistakes being made? Let’s take a look at some common judgement lapses that get in the way of brands getting their name promoted.

1. Making Your Brand Too Complicated

With so much content circulated and new businesses opening every day, over-complicating your message can result in it getting lost in the crowd. Simplify your branding so that your personality and voice is clear, and audiences know exactly what you’re selling and what you’re all about. From the actual product or service you’re selling to important decisions like your logo, keeping it simple should be your motto, as this is where the trend is going. Leverage a resource like FlashMarks, which lets you easily design an effective and appealing logo. Be careful that, while simplifying your ideas, you don’t deprive them of creativity; after all, this is what will make you stand out. Look into companies in the past that have created effective campaigns using logo design best practices.

2. Not Listening To Your Audience

Who are your marketing efforts for? Who will be the deciding party on whether they are effective or not? Your audience is key to the success of any marketing activity, so make sure you listen to them. From the very beginning, conducting in-depth research into who you’re selling to is vital to the success of your business. As it progresses, it becomes important to listen to them, so that your brand focuses on what’s working and grows in the right direction. What does your audience like about your brand? What do they not like? What would they like to see more of? What do they enjoy? These are some of the questions you should constantly ask yourself to make sure you’re giving your customers what they want and promoting through the right avenues.

3. Lacking Good Communication

In this digital age, communication is at its peak. No matter who or where you are, brands and consumers are constantly communicating with each other. Audiences have become used to the luxury of two-way communication with the brands they love. They now have the ability to post on their social media walls, sharing compliments and complaints, and have access to information not previously shared. Therefore, in conducting marketing in the traditional sense (where companies only communicated to consumers and not the other way around), you may find that your customers lose interest. Post regularly to keep in touch with your audience and respond quickly to any posts and messages made directly to you. Customers will become loyal when they know they’re valued.

With the marketing environment constantly changing and growing, it’s important that marketers remain aware and avoid common mistakes in order to stay on top. Keep in mind these mistakes that are being made often and make sure that your strategy is consistently adapting.

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