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Why eFax is an Important Choice for Your Business

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Most businesses now communicate and share information digitally and while cybersecurity intrusion threats are a risk, and attacks are on the increase, the use of firewalls, and antivirus software etc makes the risk tolerable. In saying this, there are industries that have and always will prefer less technically advanced communications systems like electronic faxing (eFax). Healthcare is one sector, that uses the eFax. Latest data suggests up to 75 percent of its communication is done using this system.

eFax – Why Use It?

As far as the eFax is concerned, there’s plenty of choice out there for businesses and many systems like Gmail fax services are feature-rich says So why would your business consider an eFax service? Here are a few thoughts from Faxee on how e-faxing may be a better option your business:

1. Convenience

The fact that it is possible to scan a document, copy and send it from one device makes eFax one of the most convenient ways to communicate. Without it, you would be forced scan a document, search and rename it on your computer, attach it to your email and send it.

2. Good communication backup

Sometimes, when the network goes down, it is possible to get stranded if you don’t have other options. This is why some businesses still have their fax machines. This way, there is never a time when it is impossible to communicate and carry out transactions.

3. Worldwide reach

Although there have been many innovations in the field of communication, including cloud technologies in recent years, they are yet to supersede faxing. In fact, today we have fax models that have incorporated email-based faxing making your work even easier.

4. Delivery confirmation

For businesses that are in highly regulated sectors, it’s always important to have some form of physical proof that documents were delivered successfully. Unlike a text or email message, a receiving fax acknowledges successful receipt of a document.

5. Security

With the modern cloud-based fax, providers guarantee fax transmissions that are secure by enabling encryption protocols. When you know that your documents are well protected, you don’t have to worry about vital information ending up in the wrong hands.

6. Efficiency

With online faxing, you have a simple and efficient medium through which you can stay in touch with your customers and associates. As long as you are able to communicate with your customers, you have a better chance of improving service delivery.

7. Keeps communications organized

In a business that receives hundreds of faxes on a daily basis, those faxes can easily become unorganized. With eFax this can be avoided by only printing out the faxes that are needed or labeling and categorizing faxes through an online system of filing.

8. Addition of digital signatures

Signatures are among the reasons why faxing remains important. A faxed signature holds more weight legally than a signature sent via most of the other methods. With eFax you have an option to add a personalized digital signature.

In Conclusion

While most businesses will use more technically advances comms systems, there are some obvious benefits for keeping your other systems in use and your options open including eFax technology like gmail fax . There will always be industries like healthcare, that prefer more established and proven systems to enable broader communication with customers, suppliers and advocates.

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