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Smart ways to bring money in while you’re making your start up

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Starting a business doesn’t have to mean quitting your full-time job or giving up on the idea of starting your business.  There are ways to be clever about how you earn money and use your time, to make each day the most productive it can be. Each of the following money earners can be done alongside your job, so you can invest as much time as you want into your start-up while still bringing in extra income.

Drive for Uber

Working a side hustle while building up a business is a common way to make extra income, and it’s flexible enough to fit around your schedule. You don’t even need to own a vehicle to be able to do this job – you can rent a car with Hire Brid, meaning there’s no huge expense or investment costs. Why not make even better use of the time spent driving and leverage your start-up by networking with each of your passengers as well?

Rent out your home

Companies like Airbnb make it really simple to rent out your home when you’re not using it, so if you’re travelling for work or leisure, you can make some extra money and make your property work for you. The amount of money you can earn varies depending on your location and the property you have, but it’s a great way to earn cash without having to work for it. And if you have an additional property, you can rent it out more regularly and bring in consistent income.

Get paid for networking

If you’re good with people and building a community, you can organise networking events in your local city to help professionals network with others in the area. They’re a great way to make useful and valuable connections, while making a healthy side income at the same time. You can even specialise in creating themed events, such as bringing together industry-specific professionals, professionals under 40 and those new to entrepreneurship.

Outsource your skills

Making use of your skills is a wise way to bring in extra cash each month without any need for additional training or investment on your part. If you’re good at graphic design, web development, copywriting or video editing, to name just a few, there are countless businesses around the world who will be in need of your services. Sign up to sites such as ODesk or Fiverr and you can take on small jobs that won’t take up too much of your time but will help you bring in some extra money to invest in your business.

These options are ideal for helping you to make some money on the side and utilise channels which will help you build your main business, without putting a drain on your money or time. All of these earners can be as flexible as you need them to be, and don’t require a huge investment of money to get started.

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