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Small Businesses Can Gain Big By Hiring In

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The future of work insists that the rigid 9 to 5 workday in the office is long gone. We’re now embracing remote working, and hiring freelancers. While today’s fluid work environment offers an incredible amount of flexibility and options for both employers and employees, at the same time it puts an immense amount of pressure and expectations to get work done, at the highest quality, and fast.

Companies need to be able to provide their clients with what they want and need quickly – if not, someone else will. Large companies that have deep resources may have on staff enough employees of a varied nature to achieve these demands.

For smaller companies, though, this issue is a bit trickier. Imagine a situation in which a client approaches your business with a project that requires a graphic designer with expertise in animation. It probably doesn’t make sense to hire another graphic designer with these specific skills (when you already have a great designer on your team) and to invest in training and paying benefits when this is a one time project.

What, then, is a small business to do? One solution is to hire a freelancer or independent contractor. Here are some major ways your company can gain by hiring workers to work in the business.

Save Money

Studies show that full time employees aren’t actually working all of those hours they are being paid to work. On the other hand, freelancers only charge you for the hours they work, so you’ll be spending less money for the same work, even taking into consideration a higher hourly rate.

Save Time

If a freelance worker accepts a job chances are he or she is highly motivated to get the project done on time and done well. Since their business model relies on repeat customers, freelancers can be counted on to get the job done promptly, maybe even before deadline.

Save Space

Hiring a freelancer means you don’t need to find space for another person to sit in your already cramped office. The freelancer will work from home, from the coffee shop, from another country – it doesn’t matter to you as long as the job gets completed.

Get More Experience

Experienced freelancers have done their time working with a variety of different companies and many come equipped with a toolbox of eclectic skills that will benefit your company and impress your client.

Get Access to Global Candidates

Hiring a freelancer allows you to transcend borders and timezones. They can work while you are sleeping and even on weekends, helping to speed up a project.

Overall, hiring a freelancer can give your company the advantages of motivation and fresh skills, while saving your business valuable resources. One word of caution, however. Both employers and workers need to be clear on who, according to the law, is classified as a freelancer.

There are sometimes situations in which employers, in an effort to avoid paying workers’ compensation benefits incorrectly classify employees as independent contractors when in fact the law sees them as employees. If this is the case, these workers may be eligible for employee rights and benefits. To prevent problems, it is best for a worker and employer to execute a written contract that defines the relationship before starting work.

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