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How to Personalize Your Company Building: Top 5 Conference Room Themes

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We spend a third of our day at the office, five days a week. And a lot of that time goes into meetings and appointments. It’s only natural to want to decorate the available meeting space in such a way that everyone feels comfortable, while maintaining high levels of productivity. We put together five ideas for unique conference rooms that go beyond the idea of simply furnishing and fitting conference rooms with the necessary tools for business encounters.

1. Branded meeting rooms

Nothing spells unique conference room more than a space designed with brand elements. Each company has particular characteristics, from the logo to values and principles, to the general feeling inside the company. All of these can be integrated in a space destined to see a great variety of people, both external and internal. The chosen elements can vary from integrating quirky furniture and uncommon materials – for playful companies open to this type of ideas, to simply choosing colours that match the brand ones – from the tapestry to changing the colour scheme on the digital signage device that some room booking systems such as YArooms support. Customizing meeting spaces by linking them directly to core features of the company will most likely leave a mental imprint on the attendees.

2. Glass conference rooms

Modern design has brought glass walls in the attention of all companies, big and small. They do come with a set of advantages, such as letting more natural light in or instilling that type of transparency (physical and metaphorical) that companies want to communicate. However, one should keep in mind that a room made entirely out of glass might subject its inhabitants to a stressful experience, since they might be under the close watch of others. And that effect is crucial and should not be omitted. Of utmost importance here is to hire professionals when deciding to include a glass room inside the building; it can get very dangerous very quickly.

3. All-green offices

Biophilic design has been on an upward trend lately. It might be because city life has started to suffocate citizens, with its abundance of concrete buildings and the overwhelming amount of technology. It might be because humans have an innate desire to be in communion with nature. Either way, man’s search for peacefulness and an organic environment is a legitimate pursuit that should receive aid. In this regard, putting together a conference room that resembles an oasis of greenness and tranquility is more than welcomed. It can start from potted plants scattered around to fully living walls of moss, if the budget allows it. The plants will not only change the entire office scenery, but they will also help oxygenate the inside air.

4. Playful rooms

For companies that have the liberty to be a bit more informal with their conference room themes and names, there are boundless ideas to choose from. To name a few: decorating conference rooms as movie theatres and naming them after movies or TV shows, imitating various sports centers and assigning famous athletes’ names to the rooms, brighten them up with vivid colours and plush materials and calling them after desserts. One thing is for sure: the best way to sift through all these ideas is to brainstorm with the company’s employees and find out their hobbies, interests, favourites.

5. Disruptive themes

Meetings aren’t always something that people look forward to with excitement. Sometimes they are filled with a substantial amount of information, tight deadlines, and a general heavy atmosphere. One method to relieve some of that hovering pressure is to ensure that the meeting space is such a welcoming, safe space, that it produces a shift in perspective among the participants. For example, conference rooms can be arranged in such a way that they mirror safe havens. Again, the best way to go is to ask your employees; some feel really comfortable at the beach, others while hiking through the mountains. Either way, some high-quality posters and carefully placed ornaments can turn a bland conference room into an inspiring location, that boosts creativity and productivity.

As a conclusion, we’d like to leave you with a thought in mind: when it comes to decorating office buildings and choosing conference room themes and names, always ask the opinion of your employees. Not only will they feel included in the process, but you might actually be surprised by their creativity.

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