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How to Have a Stellar Trade Show Presence


Businesses can’t go wrong with trade shows. Not only do they allow for an opportunity to flex one’s branding muscles, but trade shows also give entrepreneurs an effective way of capturing potential leads that can translate into sales.

Sure enough, the value of trade shows to a business in just about any industry shouldn’t go unnoticed. For one, at least 99 percent of marketers find top value from their trade show presence. What’s more, qualified leads are more likely to be captured if you are able to make a compelling presentation during the event.

And it’s on that last consideration that you would want to focus. After all, the way you “package” your company and present it to your audience matters a lot when your main goal is to increase sales. So, going beyond building a solid brand, having a stellar trade show presence will also benefit your bottom line.

You can increase your sales when you use the right tactics, and when it comes to corporate events, it’s always best to know which of these methods will work best to support your trade show presence. Here are some of the best tips that will help you make that two-hour flight to another city worth it.

Design your exhibit the right way

When it comes to getting a good impression from attendees, it’s always best to stand out. Your exhibit should have that “wow” factor that will entice the interest of your target audience. Then again, going overboard with your booth’s design can be counter-productive. If you think it’s a good idea to place a lot of balloons on your booth, it’s your call. But if you want attendees to focus more on your messaging, then too many balloons would cause too much a distraction. A good rule of thumb is to make your booth consistent with your branding, complete with colors and font styles for your standees.

Prepare your giveaways

Nothing motivates people quite like freebies. After all, people enjoy events not only because of the knowledge and connections they can build, but also for the free stuff that exhibitors give out. In this sense, branded merchandise is always a good choice as giveaways. Opt for usable items such as notepads, pens and T-shirts, and make sure these items are also consistent with your branding scheme.

Use videos

Another way to entice potential leads to your booth is to produce video materials you can play on a flat-screen TV. For sure, most attendees won’t have the luxury of time to read a pamphlet or a newsletter. In fact, printed materials are eventually thrown out once you give them away. But with videos, you basically have a magnet that passively delivers your message across without having to call a person’s attention.

Livestream your participation

A trade show also provides you an opportunity to connect with your current fanbase. By livestreaming your participation during the event and documenting the highlights, you can effectively reach out to your audience and build credibility. Online users will eventually know that you are participating in a trade show – even better if it’s a large one – and this gives them a compelling reason to reach out to your business.