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How Has Brexit Affected Foreign Exchange Markets?

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In June 2016, the British citizens decided to break a bond with the European Union. Some experts claim that Brexit will affect every country in the European Union because nowadays everything will be different, there will not be unity with the Great Britain. This article will show some very soon consequences of Brexit and hopes for the future.

At the beginning

The exit of Great Britain from its structures has introduced real chaos on the currency markets, full of uncertainty and many speculations among experts as well as laics. Indeed, the referendum results left no illusions and the currencies began to react in a dynamic way.

Immediately after the announcement of the referendum results, the Euro’s price significantly increased of about 10% in European countries where Euro has not been implemented yet, for example in Poland and the Czech Republic. Similarly, the Swiss franc reacted. However, four months after the revolutionary decision of the Islanders prices returned to their originated value. It means stabilization and calming that is provided by the banks that ensure that everything is under control and central banks are able to adapt to the needs of the situation. Nevertheless, the central bank of the United Kingdom warned against the consequences of the decision and speculate a lot more serious consequences.

After some time

The Brexit shock did not last long. It turned out that the next stock market movements are well-thought-out and what is even more interesting, you could earn money from the referendum. There are a lot of “winners” of the British citizens’ decision. It is obvious that investors who have had nerves of steel and who survived the storm are significant winners of the Brexit. In nominal terms, the most beneficial of Brexit was FTSE100- the London Stock Exchange index.

In the future

Brexit is a process and it will not happen only one day after a one-day result of voting. Depending on the actions taken by the British government, solving the Scottish case the British pound is expected to lower its value more than once.

The idea for investors

If you do not want to wait for another results of Brexit and you have some saving, you may invest them in Forex market or in crypocurriencies. If you are interested in those, feel free to visit the website of the liquidity provider – X Open Hub and learn more about the investment possibilities. A lot of useful information are also available at:

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