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How Can You Make Online Customers Happier?


Putting your business online is essential these days. You can’t avoid having a website or using social media. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to have an online store. Some kind of online presence is necessary, though. A simple, brochure-style website might not be enough to engage your customers online. If you want to make your business more friendly to online customers, there are various things that you can do to make it happen. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time or money, but it could make a significant difference.

Offer Online Payment Options

Being able to pay for things online makes things so much easier. You might not have thought of it as an option for your business because you don’t sell physical products. Or perhaps you do, but you don’t want to have to deal with deliveries. You can set up a number of online payment options for people that will allow you to sell everything from physical products to food, courses or other services. No one wants to pay over the phone or by check if they don’t have to. You could even offer a pick-up service for orders if you don’t want to deal with delivery.

Set Up Online Booking

Online booking is extremely useful for a range of businesses. Hotels and smaller accommodation services, restaurants, instructors and teachers, pet sitters, and even contractors like plumbers can all benefit from online booking. Take a look at a booking system like to see how it could help your business. It’s much easier for you to coordinate your time and for your customers to see your availability. They won’t need to contact you to ask if you have space in your calendar or anything else before making a booking.

Provide Online Customer Service

How can your customers get in touch with you? Do they need to call or send a letter? Maybe they can email, and you think that’s enough. However, many people today want to be able to get in touch by other means. Two useful tools are social media and chat applications. Social media gives people a quicker and more direct line to your customer service. Chat applications do the same, but right on your website. Social media can also be integrated in other ways, such as using Facebook comments on your blog posts or showing your Twitter feed on your homepage.

Expand Your Online Information and Resources

Do you think that you’re providing enough information for your customers on your website? Do you find that you often get people seeming unsure about what you do or asking the same questions about your products or services? If so, you might need to expand the information that you offer online. Growing your resources can be really helpful for your customers, and it can cut down on the amount of time you need to spend on customer service. It’s also good for your SEO.

You might not be doing enough for your online customers. Try asking them for feedback to see what they want.

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