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Different Doctoral Programs With Online Learning Options

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Online learning is now making it even more possible to pursue higher education because it allows you to attend class from anywhere at any time. Many more students are pursuing graduate degrees because they can still work full-time and raise a family while going to school online. A doctorate degree is an excellent asset to have in today’s competitive job market. Fortunately, many subjects have online doctoral programs.

Subject Areas with Online Doctoral Program Options:

Business Administration

A doctorate in business can open the door to many top positions in the business world (e.g. CEO, COO, and CFO). The job growth for business executives is eight percent, which is on average with other jobs. The doctorate degrees in business that are available are Ph.D. and DBA. Online degrees are respected in the business world because the business world is all about technology. Though a business doctoral program teaches many skills in finance, risk-taking, and leadership, you need to have innate skills as a motivated, intelligent people-person to be successful. You should pick a program that is Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or (AACSB).

Educational Leadership

Teaching is a noble profession because it shapes the future members of society. While the student interaction in the classroom is important, having the power to dictate curriculum and policies benefits students even more. A PhD in educational leadership or EdD can make you eligible for administrative positions in public schools, private schools, colleges, or universities (e.g. principal, vice-principal, department head, president, dean, curriculum director, superintendent, etc.).


Though training to be a doctor definitely requires a ton of hands-on experience, the book work to become an MD can be done online. Many online medical programs offer the common specializations (e.g. oncology, gynecology/obstetrics, pediatrics, neurology, family medicine, etc.). You are still required to take the MCAT before enrolling in an online medical program. There are MCAT test prep materials available online to help you study for the exam. You are responsible for enrolling in the clinical portion of the program, but your school will most likely help place you.


The mental health crisis and addiction epidemic is increasing the demand for counselors, therapists, and psychological researchers. While many students major in psychology, only a minority go on to pursue a PhD in psychology or PsyD. A doctorate in psychology will give you the title “psychologist” and make you eligible for positions as a counselor, therapist, director at a mental health facility, professor, or researcher.

Media Studies

Media studies offers a broad range of job opportunities in journalism, marketing, graphic design, web design television, radio, film, theater, etc. Competition in the media field is fierce because it is largely based on talent. While talent is a major part of landing a respected position in the media field, having a doctorate in media studies can make you stand out among other candidates. Having a job or internship in the field before you complete your degree can help you get a job or advance your career faster.


If you have a strong desire for justice, quick mind, and sharp tongue for arguments, the career of a lawyer may be for you. You will need to pass the LSAT to get into most accredited online law programs. You must tread careful when looking for an online law program because only a minority of online law programs are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). If your end goal is to become a practicing lawyer, your program must be accredited by the ABA.

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