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5 Invaluable Tips for Starting Your Own Law Firm

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Are you thinking of starting your own law firm?

If so, you’ve got some important decisions to make. With over 175,000 law firms already operating in the US, competition is fierce.

In today’s tough economy, how can you set up a law firm that will not only succeed but thrive?

Read on to learn our expert tips for starting a law firm.

1. Make a Clean Break

Chances are you’re not going to start your own firm right out of law school. Most lawyers gain experience by first working in an established firm.

When the time comes to venture out your own, there are a few important things to consider. The last thing you want to is to create any ethical or legal problems during this transition.

Make sure to complete any current cases you’re working on. If necessary, transition clients over to other members of the firm. And stay on good terms with your soon-to-be-former boss, as you may need them as a reference or business contact down the road.

2. Start Small

Unlike some businesses, starting your own law firm doesn’t require any huge up-front investments.

With no specialized equipment to buy, you can keep your startup costs low. All you need to start representing clients is a suit, a telephone, and a computer.

Of course, as your business grows, you’ll eventually need more office space. But rather than splurging on an expensive desk at the outset, wait until you’ve built up your client list before making any large expenditures.

3. Pick a Specialty

When you’re first starting out, you might be tempted to represent everyone and anyone who comes through your door.

Personal injury? Family law? Probates? Civil rights? Why choose one when you can work them all?

The problem with this kind of thinking is it’s impossible to master each and every area of law.

Instead, pick a specialty that you’re most knowledgeable or passionate about, and stick with that.

4. Pay for a Quality Website

In our day and age, you won’t get anywhere without a high-quality website.

While it’s tempting to create your own free or inexpensive website, this is one business investment worth making. Contact an experienced designer or developer to create a beautiful website that will attract clients.

Zanes Law Group is an excellent example of a well-done legal website.

5. Build Your Brand

It’s not enough to slap a website online and follow a few basic marketing tactics.

You need to dig deeper and think about what kind of image you’re hoping to create. Your brand is much more than a logo–it encompasses everything you believe in and stand for.

What’s the message you want to convey to the community you serve? What makes your law firm different from the one down the street?

Consider your branding carefully, as your future reputation depends on it.

Starting Your Own Law Firm: Final Thoughts

Starting your own law firm is a huge decision to make.

You want to be sure you’ve thought it all the way through before you make the leap.

That’s why we’re here–to provide the insight you need to make your business venture a success. Click here for our latest legal posts.