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Top 5 Qualities that Employers Want to See in their Security Officers

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Whether it’s the campus security or the security guards in an office building, their job is not an easy one by any means. Security officers are an important part of any facility and employers do expect certain things from the people they hire. In that regard, here are the top five security officer skills that quality professionals in this field of work should possess.

Physical Fitness

Not that the individual needs to be an athlete, fighter or a bodybuilder, but having any of those attributes on the resume might help them land the job nonetheless! Even if they are not, just the fact that the applicant is in good shape makes them a better candidate than people who are visibly unfit. A security guard is expected to walk a lot on patrol routes and they are also needed to tackle physically threatening situations, if and when they arise, so physical fitness is of paramount importance for the job here.


Anyone looking to get the job of a security guard must hold applicable licenses in the concerned state. If the company has a program for training their own security officers, it’s a different scenario, but in general, the guard card acts as proof to the fact that the applicant is capable of taking care of his/her security duties on being hired. Those that also have basic CPR and first-aid training will of course be preferred in most situations.

Communication Skills

It’s true that a security guard need not sell things, and neither will they help the institution with their PR and HR responsibilities, but even then, basic communication skills are a necessity. A large part of the security guard’s job entails observing, interacting and noting down everyday events at the place of his/her work, so communication skills are definitely needed. When a threat arises and the security professionals must deal with that threat, their ability to communicate with the aggressor could make a huge difference in the outcome of the situation.

Teamworking Skills

In most places, there is more than one security guard at work and that means it works best if the applicant is a team player. The ability to follow instructions and get along with others in the team is expected in a new security officer.


Even if the applicant is a fit individual with decent communications skills and the necessary training to back him/her up, there’s one more attribute that could be crucial in averting a threatening situation and that is the person’s alertness. A security officer needs to be mindful of the small details to detect and diffuse potentially threatening situations before it’s too late. An unknown vehicle in the wrong place, an unattended package or a stranger who is hanging around too much near the campus are all anomalies that fall within the duties of the security guard to detect and report.

Whether you are the employer or a security professional who is looking for a job, all the five points mentioned here are valid. They will either help you to select the best men for the job or will get you the job you applied for.

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