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Top 10 Apps Every Small Business Needs

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Top 10 Small Business Apps

Are you looking to get your business off on the right foot? Then you need the right apps to help you along the way. Read on to find out the best small business apps on the market today!

Starting your own small business from scratch takes initiative and dedication.

Luckily, there are dozens of small business apps available right now to help you kick things off on the right foot.

Read this post to learn about the top 10 best apps for small businesses you need to download onto your smartphone as soon as possible!

1. QuickBooks

So you aced your accounting finals and passed each class with flying colors. Do you think you can manage your own finances as quickly as you did back in college?

There’s an app for that!

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your revenues and expenses, QuickBooks will navigate them for you. This app is essential for all small business owners who want to see exactly where the business money flows in and out of during the day.

Getting everything done from your mobile device will simply change the way you operate your new small business. You’ll be able to send professional invoices, capture receipts, document bank transactions, track all expenses, and even access customer information–all from your mobile phone.

And the great thing about this small business app? It’s 100% free!

2. Dwolla

Looking for an easy way to transfer money from one bank account into another?

Dwolla tops our list of the best apps for small business owners to make their businesses better because it gives you complete control over your bank account to initiate bank transfers from your phone.

Dwolla also promises high security and extremely safe transfers from point A to point B, and you pay no transaction fee when you use the Dwolla app, which is always a plus.

3. Evernote

Evernote is your key to staying on top of your small business tasks.

The app allows you to capture and share notes from anywhere in the world using your mobile device. Declutter your life as you attach helpful links, notes, audio and video clips to your to-do lists.

Having everyone on board using the Evernote app will help you all achieve goals in no time and increase the productivity of your entire team. It’s the best space to work together more efficiently, wherever you’re working from.

4. Slack

Speaking of working together more efficiently, how will you choose to communicate with your business partners and employees throughout the day?

Slack offers users a solution to complicated text messages and email chains. Instead of bogging down everyone’s inbox, you can keep individual conversations about a specific group project between the co-workers involved. You can also plan office meetings and future projects together.

Or, you can create an entirely separate chat for you and your business partners to discuss the latest matters at hand. Slack has you ready to interact with whomever you choose because it’s a collaboration hub for businesses.

And if you’re worried about leaving out essential information, drag-and-drop file sharing is also a plus to having this messaging app. It’s like email attachments, but better.

5. Fuze

Video chatting has just been upgraded.

Fuze services include high-tech video conferencing. As one of the best apps for small business owners, you’ll experience seamless communication across all devices. Video chatting with the app Fuze lets clients and business owners interact with each other in an instant.

Global meetings are also accomplished using Fuze. Download this app and start chatting with anyone in the world. Unlike other video conference software, this app is designed for work meetings for important business conversations.

From ever-changing Android devices to the latest iPhone to drop on the market, all of the users you need to interact with can access important video calls on the go, regardless of what device they’re viewing from.

Meetings will immediately jump from boring to intriguing when they happen online. Employees will finally feel excited to talk about new ideas and discuss business strategies at their convenience using the power of Fuze.

6. Dropbox

A universally pleasing app for file sharing is Dropbox. With over 500 million users, Dropbox continues to hold a top spot as the best file sharing app available.

Once you use it, you’ll understand why. The Dropbox cloud lets users receive tons of space to share photos, audio clips, videos, invoices, databases, and secure documents.

More than that, people trust Dropbox to send relevant information that will stay in the cloud for later and remain secure.

7. Nimble

Understanding your customer base as a business owner will be your answer to increasing sales.

Nimble gives you detailed summaries of your social CRM, or customer relationship management. You’ll now be able to focus on growing your niche. The Nimble app can manage your customer data at a glance to identify your demographics and customer base.

Nimble’s insights will gather information to grow your business by turning your social communities into lifelong customers. Let Nimble analyze your current social networks to find the hottest prospects to invest in.

8. Square

Square creates point-of-sale transactions to the next level.

Let’s say you just opened up a local frozen yoghurt restaurant. Instead of playing around with a substantial old-school register that may or may not track all of your orders, you can use Square to keep a record of every sale from day one.

With every frozen yoghurt purchase, you can add a section for the customer to leave a tip for the employee checking them out. Even without a Wi-Fi connection, the app will make a sale, which is excellent if you happen to sell frozen yoghurt in a rolling cart at the city street fair one weekend.

Of course, the power of using both Square and a top-rated visual merchandising app gives you the ability to manage your store to ensure the best in-store execution to drive sales.

9. Toggl

Track time to boost productivity. It’s simple, but it works. That’s what toggl is for.

Toggl is there for you to get things checked off your to-do list. This app features data reporting to show you how you spend your time and see the bigger picture to use your time more efficiently.

Using the data Toggl tracks, you can look at where you spend most of your time and focus on making changes throughout the day to accomplish more in a limited amount of daylight.

10. Best Apps For Small Business: Boxmeup

Always worrying about shipments to customers? Boxmeup frees you from the constant anxiety.

You’ll never have to worry about when your shipments will arrive because you can track all your containers from your phone. You’ll know where they are, wherever you are.

Printing QR labels are also possible using the Boxmeup app, too. Simply scan the labels on your smartphone to make sure they work. So if you’re in the market for a great all-around shipping app, Boxmeup is a great option to check out.

Start Your Small Business With These 10 Apps!

The best part about working on your phone is having complete control over your business from anywhere in the world. And as a hardworking entrepreneur, you need that flexibility. These top 10 small business apps are designed to make your life that much easier.

Hopefully, you can start integrating these apps into your business strategy and download most of them right now.

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