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Making the Move to a Mobile Office

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Software has changed the game. In today’s world of connectivity professionals can access almost anything from almost anywhere. Nearly every detail of a business can be managed as well as tracked online. If you have been considering taking the leap and taking your business mobile here’s what you should know.

Digital Networking

Look past LinkedIn. There are a range of professional networking platforms to choose from. Facebook, although not as professionally-slanted as LinkedIn, has applications that you should be leveraging, no matter your industry. Some of these applications include Facebook Groups. Within this application you can connect with professionals in a shared industry, share helpful links and discuss topics of interest relating to your field. Facebook Live also offers professionals the chance to connect with an audience of peers and even prospective clients in real-time. Here, you can use Facebook Live to host Q&A chats or a how-to presentation.

Other digital networking platforms include Meetup, a platform that instantly connects you with professionals in your area that share the same interest. And there is also Quora. The knowledge sharing website allows anyone to ask and answer questions on the site. You can also search Quora to find answers to your own questions or share your own knowledge on an array of different topics.

When it comes to connecting with potential clients, look to Instagram. The popular social media app has millions of daily users. And brands from a range of industries are taking to the app to get earn business and get eyes on their products. But there’s more to creating a profile and posting to your feed. Savvy professionals are tapping into Instagram by telling their stories and by advertising. The app allows professionals to define their target audience, down to age and location. The simple ad tools are also highly customizable, which means that you choose who you want to see your ads.

Equipment 101 

Mobile requires significantly less equipment. But just because you’re working from a mobile office doesn’t mean your tech should be sub-par. Seek out the best mobile processors. A powerful mobile processor can give you a competitive advantage, all while allowing you to give your customers cutting-edge features that they desire. The fastest processors will include features like long battery life, fast-charging, superior connectivity and top-of-the-line security.

Structure and Productivity

There is nothing traditional about working remotely; you can work anywhere, at any time. Working from a mobile office allows great freedom and flexibility. And although you may not be clocking in at a 9-to-5 job each day, it is still crucial to structure your time. We all work differently. First, find out if the morning, afternoon or evening are the most productive times for you to work. If you need a highly structured schedule consider planning your day hour by hour, from the moment you wake up, to your lunch break, to the time you finish your work. Additionally, in order to avoid interruptions that can disturb your creative flow all while balancing client services with your own ideas, you may want to follow a schedule called Work, Play, Fit, Push. Learn more about the innovative schedule here.

Is a mobile office right for you? With the right tech, structure and digital network, your dreams of operating from a mobile office can become a reality.

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