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How to select furniture for your new restaurant

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There’s nothing like the thrill and excitement – not to mention the nerve-wracking feeling – of setting up a new business. If your new business is a restaurant there’s a lot more to consider than the usual business startup investment and legalities. Arguably there’s no denying the fickleness of the trade, insofar as a lot of what it’s based on at least initially is it’s appearance.

Presentation is everything

Start up restaurants; before they’re fully established with repeat clientele; rely solely on foot-traffic i.e. people walking past the restaurant, stopping to peek through the window, as well as view the menu and if they like what they see they venture inside and if they’re happy they’ll take a seat. Therefore ‘presentation is everything’, and one of the most important aspects is your restaurant’s visual appeal is it’s furniture. The design of it and it’s visual appeal coupled with it’s comfort level will provide the memorable ‘feel good’ your restaurant needs, so then the focus is on the food and ambience of the environ to fully impress and secure repeat business. Once this is achieved the restauranteur has an established business not just reliant of foot traffic.

So what types of furniture you can use in your restaurant, and how do you choose what works for style and performance? Here’s a look at your main options when it comes to restaurant furniture and how to go about selecting it.

First action to take is to search online for restaurant supplier sites for examples of regular chairs, stools, tables, etc. You can be more specific in your search too for example: ‘restaurant booths for sale at’. But one thing to remember is that restaurant furniture is not the same as what you have in your home. It needs to perform more often so it is sturdier and designed for low-maintenance (easier to clean). Never buy furniture from a home furniture shop, as the furniture there is just designed for residential use and may not be able to survive typical high volume use it will get in a restaurant.


When it comes to restaurant tables, the tops and bases are often chosen separately. There are regular tables which are specifically for dining and are used with chairs, and there are also higher top tables which are used with bar stools. Table tops can be square or round and can have a 2-person, 4-person, and 6-person capacity (or more). Selecting the base of the table is often tricky, since you want a sturdy base. Many restaurant owners opt for a table base on a pedestal, so diners don’t bang their legs on the table’s legs.


The chairs you choose can have a big impact on your restaurant’s functionality and your customers’ dining experience. When choosing a chair, durability is key, but you also want a chair that is lightweight so that customers can easily move it. Choose chairs which are easy to clean as well, especially since they get a lot of abuse. The fabric of the chair should also be chosen with care; you want fabric that is resistant to stains and easy to wipe down.


Restaurant booths have two main designs: the ‘straight bench’ booth, and the circular booth. Since booths are anchored to the floor, you don’t have to focus too much on stability; make sure, though, that the booth is easy to clean, and the fabric or covering is stain-resistant as well. Booths are also a handy option if you want to save space and provide more seating, and they look great in both formal and informal dining establishments.

In summary, starting a restaurant is thrilling and challenging but with the right furniture and visual appeal you can move your focus onto impressing your clientele with your menu and of course friendly ambience.

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