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How to Measure the Success of Portable Pop up Displays

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Tradeshows and exhibitions are some of the most effective tools businesses use to promote their brands, market their products and create awareness. While online marketing may be the order of the day, offline marketing still remains an effective way to reach a specific target market, be it local or regional. This involves utilizing tools such as business cards, banners, flyers, brochures, and print media advertising, just to name a few.

However, offline marketing seems to be taking a whole new dimension and doing so at speed. This brings us to pop up displays, which have over the past few years, proven to be giving most other advertising approaches a run for their money. So what exactly are portable pop up displays and how can you measure their success in your marketing campaign?

As hinted out earlier, they’re commonly used in trade shows, retail displays, exhibitions and even conferences. But who said you can’t use them to promote your pop-up shop. Most of today’s pop-up displays are designed to be lightweight, which allows you to comfortably carry your marketing material to your audience at ease.

They consist of fabric on a stand, incredible graphics (including 3D), lighting, and other features that are not only appealing to the audience’s eyes; they’re also designed to leave a memorable experience and a wooing effect in their minds. According to Jon Sumner, a renowned digital marketer and marketing expert, how much your pop up banners are effective will depend on how you design and utilize them.

Here are some ways how to measure the success of portable pop up displays.

Goal Setting: Set Short-term and Long-term Goals

You can only measure the success of anything if you have a clear objective of whatever it is you want to achieve. Of course, you’ll be using your pop-up display in trade shows and exhibition events as well as other gatherings where you have an audience you can present your idea for. Are you targeting investors and partners or is the main objective to increase your business’s sales for certain products/services? You may also be aiming at increasing brand awareness. You’ll want to set clear goals such as:

  • To recruit new investors
  • To introduce new products
  • To attract media coverage
  • To boost sales

And so on and so forth… In addition to being helpful in measuring success, goal setting helps in making crucial decisions. It puts you in a better position to find out what other marketing tools you’ll need for your campaign, how to best interact with your audience, the events to target, and much more.

Rating Your Leads

You can also measure your pop-up display success by looking at the leads your campaign may have generated. This is more like assessing whether after a presentation; some of your audience was actually interested in getting more information about your idea, company, products, services, agenda or whatever it is that you’re promoting or presenting. When it comes to sales, for instance, you could rate your leads depending on whether they purchased, are ready to purchase, would purchase, would consider purchasing, or need time to think about it.

The higher the numbers up the triangle, the more successful or promising your marketing approach using portable pop up displays is. It’s also important to assess how many leads are likely to become a long-term customer, investor or partner, which means more profit or investment in your company.

Assess Cost Effectiveness

It is important to assess whether your marketing approach is really bringing in more than it is taking out. In most cases, portable pop up displays is featured on fabric, which tends to make the cost factor little relieving. Cost-effective popup displays are durable and flexible. Where needed, they should be able to allow for enhancement with extra booth system elements, such that you don’t have to invest in too many pieces at once. There’s no point in generating leads that result in little to no conversions. The numbers always count.

Gather/Use Feedback

Sometimes it pays to ask a few individuals out of your audience, what they thought of your presentation during an exhibition, trade show. As a matter of fact, feedback sometimes comes without asking depending on who you’re communicating your message to. If your portable pop up displays specifically get a good rap from a couple of individuals every now and then, it’s highly likely that the effect they’re working and may be successful in the near future in case they aren’t already. Some customers will even post on reviews and testimonials indicating that they found your business through “this really nice presentation” during a trade show.

There might not be an exact mathematical formula yet on how to measure the success of portable pop up displays. You only need to know what to look for and assess your results to see if the marketing approach is fruitful. Nonetheless, good portable pop up displays should be easy to assemble, simple to use, easy to customize to suit the target audience, affordable, durable, and easy to maintain.

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