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Design Tips For Your New Business Website

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Your new business isn’t complete without a website.  The internet is such a part of daily life in the modern world, you would severely handicap your organization by skipping the “build a website” step.

If you’re not really sure where to begin, have peace in knowing that all the tools you will need are available online.  Start the education process today, and check out a few basic design tips for your new business website.

Navigation is important

A foundational element of a well built business website is the ability to easily and naturally navigate the mass of content included within the pages of the site.  Web users need to immediately understand how to move around your website by simply showing up.

Traditionally, a stationary navigation bar across the top or side of your layout is sufficient.  Check out how this law firm’s website displays an easy to follow navigation bar at the top of the page.  You can add your own touch of creativity, but remember to keep it simple.

Communication should be a priority

Communication is extremely important to the longevity and level of success you find in business.  Your organization must show that it values the input of consumers, to provide a well-rounded product/service.

In addition to creating a “Contact Us” page on your website, add other pleas for communication throughout your design.  For example, add a contact number to your homepage or a small comment box at the end of every blog post.

Mobile readiness is vital

Just as a business isn’t really complete without a website, a website isn’t complete without mobile optimization.  Your digital content should always be setup to properly display on the smaller screen of a mobile device.

The mobile web is far more popular with the average consumers of today.  People use their smartphones for nearly everything they do online, so make sure your digital content fits the bill.

Integrate social media sharing

Social media is an invaluable communication and visibility outlet for your organization.  You want to integrate its presence into your content whenever possible.

You do that by adding social media sharing buttons in strategic locations throughout your business website, so visitors can easily share your content.  Consider every share you get a free pieces of digital marketing for your business, and enjoy the perks of social media.

Lather your content with proper SEO

Make it a goal to learn something new every day about search engine optimization.  Once you become well-versed in the concepts, you will quickly understand exactly what the internet needs from your design.  Your digital content will be far more effective when it follows the standards of great SEO practices.

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