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Can You Save Money with VOIP?

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has come as breakthrough for many businesses and individuals who want to communicate without facing the restrictions you get while using the phone line. This technology relies on the internet to forward calls and has proved a major saver for businesses in different ways. The most obvious benefit is the fact that you don’t incur cost of phone lines, and it can be used anywhere with no problems.

Business owners are usually looking to save money and reduce their monthly expenses. One of the things that consume the monthly budget of managing a business is calls. Business communications can be made as usual without incurring the extra cost, so the only thing you need is to establish a VoIP system, which should replace your traditional phone. This technology comes as a perfect option for both small and medium-sized businesses.

How you can save money with VoIP

The primary reason many businesses choose VoIP is the need to save money. You don’t need to acquire any hardware or even pay for monthly subscription to benefit from the service. If you are looking to use this technology, learn more about VOIP benefits and savings to understand how you can integrate it into your business to achieve your goals.

No upfront hardware costs

When you want to use a traditional phone system to make calls, either for personal or business reasons, you need to buy hardware that would allow you to handle the communication. If you have a company that will have an auto-attendant, it’s a requirement to buy the necessary hardware and also pay for installation. This is not applicable in case of a VoIP system because you can use existing hardware. You only need your computer or mobile device to access the service. No installation or hardware costs are required, and you can add users instantly, route calls to different locations, and also update IVRs without any additional expenses or installation.

Calling fees

IP technology routes calls over the internet. This means using VoIP services eliminates the need to pay for interstate or long distance fees. Additionally, you can make international calls and spend half the cost you would need while using traditional phone communication. Some of the VoIP services you will find are free and allow you to call people from all over the world at no additional cost. Depending on your subscription, you could make unlimited calls. Many phone lines will charge you per minute and this could amount to a big bill at the end of the month if your business handles many calls each day.

Advanced features

Apart from just making voice calls, VoIP services also provide you access to other features including unified communication, videoconferencing, presence and so on. In the past, such features were a luxury and could only be accessible if you had a lot of money to put into hardware purchases and paying for the connection.

VoIP has changed things as you can now manage video conferencing without paying anything extra. You can schedule conference calls and participants will be able to join even when they are using their mobile phones. All these features are integrated at a low cost, which is fair compared to the expensive rates charged by legacy carriers.

You don’t pay maintenance costs

Maintenance is a part of business that consumes a substantial chunk of the budget set aside. Since VoIP is configured differently compared to traditional phone systems, you can reduce cost of maintaining phones because the VoIP system does not need additional equipment to serve your needs. You could use the phone or computer you have from anywhere and you are not responsible for ensuring the system works smoothly because that is a software issue tackled by the service provider. However, the VoIP requires updates like is the case with any other software, and you can update the software in the click of a button without having to pay for the process.

Call centers, customer support, sales teams

Many departments rely on phone calls to solve issues raised by customers. This could mean each department will require infrastructure to enable them to handle many calls every day. If you are using a service that charges per minute, the bill on communication could be huge at the end of the month. VoIP simplifies the entire process and can be managed individually through dashboards online. The service is cost effective and you don’t pay per minute like is the case with different mobile providers. Call centers could take advantage of this technology to handle communication without suffering high costs of service.

In a business perspective, VoIP has come as a major boost in the way businesses handle communication. Of concern has been the way traditional communication has been expensive to manage, but with VoIP, this problem is no longer a threat. You can now communicate seamlessly without paying more because things like cost of maintenance are lifted off your shoulders, and you are not charged per minute like it happens with different mobile lines.