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ABM Management: 7 Tips for Account-Based Marketing Success

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Account-based marketing is one of the most popular and useful digital marketing trends. This is a B2B marketing approach that focuses on sales and marketing targeted to specific accounts.

Account-based marketing, or ABM marketing, has its roots in marketing and sales. This is why so many organizations are integrating AMB marketing into their other marketing strategies.

ABM marketing is also a very diverse form of marketing. Since all companies are different, companies should take different approaches when marketing to separate accounts. But for a newbie, this may be difficult.

To help you along the way, here are 7 tips for ABM management.

1. Develop Prospect-Specific Offers

Since you’re marketing to specific accounts, you shouldn’t use a “one size fits all” marketing approach. Instead, tailor your marketing campaign to particular accounts.

Email plays a key role here. If the user sees an email marketed to them personally, you’ll have a better chance at creating leads. You can set up different marketing campaigns for topics such as birthdays and buying trends.

To make ABM marketing easier, use this approach to select accounts. Tailor to the clients who constantly purchase products or buy into your services.

This helps keep their business and increases conversions. You’re also more familiar with this client and their account, making the marketing process easy.

2. Develop Sales Offers by Instigating Meetings

When it comes to ABM marketing, the personal approach is key.

This means instigating meetings. Face-to-face meetings are your best bet, but phone meetings are ideal for long-distance clients.

The biggest hurdle is pursuing the customer and making them agree to a meeting or a phone call. But when they agree, you have a better chance at getting a sale.

What should be discussed during these meetings? It depends on your company and your products or service.

But popular topics include a detailed analysis of your products or service, competitor comparisons, and information about the industry as a whole.

3. Retarget Dead Opportunities

Have you had bad luck with a specific account? Don’t forget about them! One of the most effect ABM strategies is retargeting. This helps catch the attention of prospects who don’t purchase as many products, or their sales have declined.

Retargeting helps keep your company at the forefront. They may need that constant reminder of those email updates. If you don’t target these prospects, they will forget about your company and may even support your competitor.

How do you know if your retargeting efforts are working? Keep track of their activity. See if they read your email or click on your ad. This way, you’ll come up with a solution to target that specific account.

4. Personalize Your Website Experience

With so many web design aspects, it’s easy to integrate ABM strategies into your website.

When new customers visit your page, they can get a tour of your website and gain a personalized experience right on your homepage.

When customers come back, they can be greeted with a “welcome back” message and show recommended products and services based on their past purchases.

You can even implement creative marketing strategies, such as setting up a quiz.

This UX strategy tells customers you recognize them, and they will appreciate the recognition.

This will help you draw more leads, gain more customers and improve customer retention.

5. Send Direct Mailers

The easiest way to attract prospects is by sending them direct mail. Most companies use email, but print and >direct marketing strategies aren’t dead yet.

Direct mail is the preferred method to attract businesses. See if you can get their home or business address and send them print mailers.

These companies have so much spam in their email inbox, they may not see your emails. Other competitors try to market to businesses via social media, which can also be unsuccessful.

Businesses don’t have as much traffic coming into their business mailbox, so direct mail is an excellent opportunity to catch their attention. Direct mail marketing is more affordable, so you’ll get a better ROI.

6. Understand How to Market Via Social Media

Social media was mentioned in the previous statement, but it’s important to emphasize this strategy. Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today.

Social media can be an effective tool for ABM marketing — but only if done right.

An example is a research. People post a lot on social media, and your prospects are no exception.

You can use their social media posts to identify any problems or target their interests or hobbies. You can even see where they are or if they’re visiting your location.

Use these posts to directly market to them, whether you’re offering a solution or something attractive.

7. Create Sales Territories

Today, it’s easy to target a mass amount of clients from all corners of the world.

But you should still try and target as many local clients. Your local market gives your clients familiarity. They can quickly meet with you and see what you’re doing for the local community.

In addition, track your sales and see if they come from a specific region. Even if this region isn’t where you’re located, try and target as many sales in that region.

It’s even worth it to visit that region and personally know the accounts and the market.

Now You Know Effective ABM Management

ABM marketing is one of the most in-depth and versatile forms of marketing. All companies have unique ABM management skills, but some skills are broader than others.

Use these ABM tips to reach a more defined audience.

Find out who constantly supports your business and tailor your marketing techniques to them. As you start directly attracting prospects, you’ll better understand what ABM marketing techniques work.

As you use ABM marketing, you’ll notice an improvement in sales and leads.

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