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7 eCommerce Automation Tools You Should Start Using Now


If you have a website and are selling your own products, it is important that you tailor the shopping experience to your visitors’ needs. One of the most effective ways of differentiating yourself on the market is offering more value or better customer service. With the development of online marketing and eCommerce technology, there are several great ways of automating your customer service and order processes and make sure that you are delivering great value every time. Below you will find a list of seven great eCommerce automation tools you should start using now.

1. Social Media Automation

If you are running a busy online store and are working on your next big product or strategy, you might not have enough time to post your updates on social media every day. The good news is that there are great scheduling apps, such as Buffer or Hootsuite that will let you create and schedule posts for each day, so your customers can stay updated on the promotions and special offers. You can use these set-and-forget solutions to fill your social media accounts for up to a month.

2. Shopify Plugins

You might be selling your products on multiple platforms, and if you have a Shopify account, you might want to get a plugin that will automatically list your items on Shopify and optimize the descriptions for the target market. You can add images and image titles automatically and save hours of work by automating the process. You can get the plugins on most platforms, including WordPress.

3. WooCommerce

One of the most popular eCommerce solution and automation tool is WooCommerce. If you are not familiar with the software yet, it might be time to look at the different platforms offered. You can automate your sales, track your conversions, send out updates, and analyze your traffic as well. You can take the guesswork out of your marketing by identifying the most popular items and determining the profit margin. To make the most out of this software, you might want to get a WooCommerce Expert to install all the modules and set them up for you.

4. Listing Managers

In case you are selling your items on multiple platforms, including eBay and Amazon, you might be currently spending hours manually listing items. The good news is that there are great automated software solutions to manage and market your listings and items. You can get an eBay listing manager from the website and access your items through your phone’s app. However, if you are using other sites, you might want to find the right tool for each platform.

5. MailChimp

To increase your customer loyalty, conversion rates, and profits, you will need to automate your online marketing sales funnels. You have to stay in touch with people interested in your product or service and provide them value and promotions. Create newsletters, send out updates, voucher codes for your existing customers, and valuable information, too.

6. Loyalty Points

You can get a loyalty points software implemented in your website, which will help you retain customers and maximize your profits. It is always easier to keep your existing buyers than going out there and finding new ones. You will have to make your customers feel valued and appreciated, and having a loyalty point scheme is a great way of giving them more value. You can implement a plugin or get an add-on software for your current eCommerce solutions, so your registered members can save money and will be tempted to return to your site.

7. Product Review Plugins

To help your customers decide which product to choose and get social proof at the same time, you might want to get a product review plugin installed on your site. This will allow your buyers to leave feedback on their purchases and earn points for doing so. While review sites are important when it comes to branding and building your reputation, individual testimonials and product reviews will increase your conversion rate by giving your visitors more information from real customers.

If you would like to make the most out of your eCommerce site and optimize buyers’ experience, you should consider implementing one or more of the above tools. You will not only save time and money on administration and customer service, but also increase customer loyalty and value, automate your marketing and listings, and increase your conversion rates. With higher conversion rates and customer value, your business will generate more profits and you can work smarter instead of harder.

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