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5 Off-the-Wall Ideas to Energize Your Staff

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As long as businesses have existed, business owners have worked to improve the production levels of their employees. Indeed, though there are a myriad of ways to motivate your team members to reach greater heights, few employers truly tap into innovative means of energizing their staff. With that in mind, today, we’re going to explore five seemingly wacky strategies that can nevertheless produce big results for you and your team:

Renovate Your Bathroom

What does your bathroom have to do with employee motivation? Quite a bit, actually. Firstly, no one likes having to use an unclean and unsanitary bathroom. Beyond that, though, the smells that pervade your office can have a massive effect on your team’s energy and focus. So if some nasty scents are seeping into your workspace from your bathroom, take care of them ASAP!

Lunch Smarter

It’s a good idea for bosses to treat their team members to the occasional business lunch. After all, who doesn’t like a free meal? Still, the best employers understand that a team-building lunch should provide their staff with several healthy choices. Rather than ordering a greasy pizza or a stack of high-calorie sandwiches instead, look for health-conscious options. Not only will your team appreciate the gesture, but they’ll also feel better as a result!

Make Your Office Pet-Friendly

People love their pets. And more than ever, professionals are often forced to spend untold hours away from their dogs, cats, or other animals they care so much about. If at all possible then, work to make your office a haven for pet-lovers. Obviously, you don’t want any pets disrupting the regular flow of work; but allowing your employees to bring their little furry pal to work alongside them will do wonders for their psyche.

Incorporate the Odd Surprise

There’s nothing quite like an unexpected piece of good news to lift someone’s spirits. With that in mind, it’s a great idea for progressive business owners to work toward treating their employees with a “random” day off from time to time. Send your staff to a baseball game or a local museum; or, if you really want to turn the dial up to eleven, consider renting a party bus for the afternoon. (Note: you can always contact a company like All About You Limos for some fresh party-bus ideas as well!)

Create a Home Away from Home

Some of the most forward-thinking businesses are beginning to introduce a number of creature comforts in their workspaces to increase motivation and energy. In fact, it’s not unheard of for modern offices to include libraries, game rooms, and places designated for naps. In short, anything you can do to make your team feel at home will go a long way toward eliciting their best possible performance.

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