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10 Ways to Increase Team Productivity in the Office

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Did you know that an unfortunate trend is on the rise? According to a 2016 report, the US Bureau of Labor found that employees are less productive now than they were previously.

With this decline taking place, it can be worrying for employers. But there are a few simple ways to motivate employees and increase productivity.

Read on for our top 10 ways to increase team productivity in the office.

1. Communicate Effectively

One of the most critical factors that increase productivity is clear communication. If you’re transparent with your employees, there will be better interaction between you and your team.

One way to do that is to give regular feedback. One to one reviews that measure your employee’s performance are very important. You can also take the opportunity to provide encouraging feedback on the areas they are doing well in, and even some things to improve upon.

2. Update Meetings

Meetings are tough. Although they are required, they can be a pain and sometimes seem unproductive. But there are ways you can revamp them.

Avoid meetings when you can. Before planning a meeting, ask yourself if it’s really needed. Can you accomplish the same tasks in an alternative way? For instance, through an email, video conference, or on the phone.

Some companies have a no-meetings on Friday policy. Others have rules where meetings cannot be scheduled outside of work hours.

When you really need to arrange a meeting, create an agenda beforehand, and share this with the attendees. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page, and the meeting doesn’t run overtime.

Standing meetings are another alternative. Standing during the conference can result in improved group performance and can keep things prompt.

3. Value Each Member

To boost morale, each member of your team needs to know that they are valued and respected as an individual. Nobody wants to feel like a faceless cog in the office machine.

Make sure you know each of your employee’s names and family situation. It might not be easy to remember these things, but it will help your team to feel that you genuinely care about them as an individual. In turn, this should motivate your team to work harder.

4. Reward Your Employees

One of the coolest ways to motivate employees and increase productivity is to go the extra mile and reward them for their efforts. Whether it’s a special thank you, or some kind of public recognition, it will show your team that they are highly appreciated for their efforts.

A bonus in the form of cash is always well received. Alternatively, you could offer additional paid leave days as a reward.

Send a handwritten thank-you note, to give a personal touch. Give an “Employee of the Month” award. Or send an email, making sure to copy other team members so that everybody knows they have received recognition for their hard work.

Some fun incentives could include a team lunch, heading out together for happy hour, decorating your office, playing games or even having an office pet.

5. Happy Employees are Productive Employees

Create a happy working environment.

Be a supportive leader by being an attentive listener. When your team is comfortable with you, they will feel at ease to share information and admit their mistakes.

Allow regular breaks to alleviate burnout. In fact, at times, you may need to push your employees to take a break. This much-needed downtime also gives your team a chance to bond.

Make sure to offer a good snack stash in the break room. This is a sneaky yet straightforward way to encourage your team to take a break and enjoy a small bite to eat.

6. Get the Blood Pumping

According to a scientific study in Sweden “devoting work time to physical activity can lead to higher productivity”.

Have regular stretching sessions in between work hours to get the blood pumping. This could be just what your team needs to clear their head. It can also help to reduce back pain and fatigue when sat at a desk all day.

Execute a fitness program. For instance, set a time to go to the gym or to head out for a brisk walk. This regular exercise will improve your team’s overall health and decrease the number of sick days taken.

7. Just be You!

People can sense a faker from a mile away. Putting a face on for your employees daily will make work less enjoyable for you and your team. So, just be yourself!

Behave in a way that is consistent with your personal beliefs and values. Forget your ego and admit when you’re wrong. It’s not easy and takes courage, but will establish an honest relationship within your whole team.

Your example will help others feel that they can be themselves too.

8. Tech Savvy

Speed up wasted time with technology. Many tasks can be sped up by technology, which can save you valuable time in the long run.

Take a look at any monotonous tasks your staff are doing, and see if there is technology to help quicken the process. This will, in turn, help your employees to use more time on things that matter.

For example, duties like project management, time tracking, payments, invoices and more can be a pain to keep on top of. Check out these effective collaboration tools for business.

Although technology is a beautiful thing, always make sure your team takes time away from the screen. And try to encourage your employees to avoid being distracted by their personal devices.

9. The Right Mindset

A big challenge in production is keeping your team excited about their work. Set goals, and when you reach them, celebrate as a team. Take the lead and help them believe that they are in the right place.

Regularly check in on your team and challenge them. Give deadlines and help them to meet their deadlines. Encourage your team to be ambitious and to take risks.

When your employees feel like they’re part of something worthwhile, they’ll care deeply and put all their energy into their work.

10. Hire Right

Hire the right people!

It’s easier said than done. But if you manage to find a team passionate, driven and excited, productivity will hit the roof.

Don’t be afraid to cut ties. Some might not be the best fit, and no matter what tactics you use, they are still watching the clock throughout the day. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to move on and find an alternative.

Increase Team Productivity

Yes, there are many ways to increase team productivity. It can be a challenge, but if you set the tone, the rest will follow suit.

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