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10 Reasons Why New York City is the Prime City for Working Remotely

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Working remotely in New York City is becoming very common. A lot of people of all professions and ages are becoming nomadic and aware of the benefits of living in a place which fits their preferences best and personal needs.

Organizations and companies are also changing as many companies have adopted the remote way of working, adding flexibility for its workers, as it often increases employee productivity and engagement among others. Working remotely has become a global trend, and below are 10 reasons why more people are moving to New York City and helping it turn into the prime city for having the option of working from home.

1. There are plenty of companies in NYC hiring remote workers

As a remote worker, you can work for any organization from anywhere in the world. But for companies with location requirements, there are a fair amount of organizations in New York City who are hiring for remote and flexible jobs.

2. Work Opportunities

In New York City, you pretty much would find any position or job if you are seeking for remote jobs in the city, as there is no limit to the types of jobs that are available. And with the content being so prominent, there is no shortage of freelance writing positions.

3. Living In NYC

Depending on your lifestyle requirements like any first-class city, New York’s residences come with a premium price tag. The cost of living in New York City can be prohibitive for many people so they prefer to live in surrounding areas and commute into the city for work and entertainment. Working remotely while based in New York does offer up cost savings on travel all the while receiving top dollar.

4. Commuting can be chaotic

There is no doubt that commuting in the city can be quite challenging. Being stuck in traffic every morning is no joke, especially if you have to commute to work every single day. When you live in NYC, just about anything can be delivered to your door, as well as a remote, part-time job

5. Cost Saving

Working remotely in New York City typically means you cut down on high costs and other expenses you otherwise would incur if not working from home.

6. The New York Public Library

There are amazing libraries in New York – they’re perfect for your remote working experience. These libraries have outlets galore, ample seating, serene atmosphere, WiFi and you do not need to pay a dime to access the libraries. Not to mention coffee shops!

7. Coworking Spaces

You might want to venture out of your apartment and work with people who are not your actual coworkers. To enable you to have effective productivity, working remotely needs to be done in an environment which allows for focus. In New York City, there are tons of coworking spaces created just for that purpose, in peaceful environments, most notably WeWork.

8. A lot of companies in New York City embrace remote work

Most industries and companies in New York have embraced the idea of remote working and the percentage of companies who employ remote workers in NYC have risen rapidly.

9. Technology

Working remotely in NYC has become possible and easier due to advancements in technology, devices and numerous availability of tools, such as Google Drive and Slack.

10. Industry Diversity

In NYC, there are a lot of different industries, so for work opportunities, the city is more diverse than just the media, tech and finance sectors. When you’re new to a large city, it pays off to spend time networking online in platforms like LinkedIn to connect with peers in your industry. Attend events in person to strengthen your connections to help you integrate and enjoy your new environment.

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