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Why it’s important to know the latest in web design

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Be honest – do you keep up to date with website trends? If not, you are in good company. There are millions of businesses out there that happily pay money for a new website, and feel that’s all they need. They set it, forget it, and believe in the phrase ‘if you build it they will come.’

But the web – and, by default, web design – is in a constant state of change. Your website that was created even as little as 4-5 years ago is likely to be desperately dated. And if you don’t keep up with the latest trends and ideas in the field, you run the risk of your site being cast aside for your more trend-focussed competitors.

In this guide, these Web Designers in Canada say why it’s important to know the latest info in web design, and how it can ultimately impact your business. Read on to get the lowdown on the areas of web design that matter – and why you need to keep up.

First impressions count

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to web design and development for your business website. Your website is the main entry point for your business. It’s the first visual a prospective customer sees and they will make up their minds on whether they like what they see or not within seconds. The reality is that the average web consumer gets used to new trends very quickly, and if you fail to deliver, the chances are your website will be seen as stale and out of touch.

The technical benefits

However, this is only one reason you need to be discerning about the look and – especially – the functionality of your website. There are many new web design trends that can have a huge benefit on your performance. If you can keep up to date with trends, you will be able to know precisely which new features and functions will work specifically for your business.

The ever-changing role of SEO

Search engine optimization – or SEO – is integral to all web design. The trouble is, SEO is a constantly changing world. The likes of Google make tweaks and changes to their search algorithms on an almost daily basis, and there are regular major updates which could have a dramatic impact on your rankings if you don’t ensure you are towing the Google line. Everything from how your on-page SEO fundamentals look to the content you produce on-site needs to be Google-friendly and the only way to know is by keeping up with the latest SEO trends.

The psychological impact

There’s a huge amount of psychology involved in great web design. The smallest changes – which you think might be insignificant – can have profound impacts. For example, using a particular color can help you portray your website and business in a specific way. Red signals to the audience that you are energetic, vibrant, and youthful. Green gives people a sense of optimism and is often used for environmentally-friendly organizations. And blue is often used by businesses that wish to be seen as super trustworthy and professional – accountants and law firms, for example.

As you can see, it’s vital that you keep up to date with the latest trends and as one web design company says: unpinning all design is the “focus on delivering measurable results”. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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